Wood Shop Social offers new dining options for the Mt. Pleasant community – The Morning Sun

Wood Shop Social Kitchen & Bar brings a new American menu to Mt. Pleasant Community.

2336 S. Mission Street previously housed the Italian Oven restaurant before it closed due to bankruptcy issues with its parent company, Inspired Concepts, LLC. After a year of work by Wood Shop Social owner James Wood, a new restaurant has opened on Mission Street.

Part of the process of setting up Wood Shop Social included revamping and remodeling the interior and exterior as well as obtaining the liquor license. Wood is also one of the staff chefs who helps create the food.

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“I started working with food when I was 16 and I’ve been doing it for 25 years,” Wood said.

The restaurant offers a new American menu, which may mean presenting known or familiar dishes in an unfamiliar way. Some foods include chicken, burgers, pasta, steak, and fish dishes with a creative twist.

Photo courtesy of Wood Shop’s social Facebook page.

“The city has wanted something like this for a while,” Wood said. “It’s in a great location right off 127 and near the Marriott. The reception has been very positive. People are happy to have something like this in Mt. Pleasant.”

Wood plans to focus primarily on the restaurant, although he also plans to participate in Mt. Pleasant community events when the opportunity arises.

The restaurant also continues to hire and interview for different positions in the restaurant.

For more information visit the Wood Shop Social Facebook Page.

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