Woman flying out for cancer treatment slams airport queues as she misses her flight

A cancer patient has slammed ‘ridiculous queues’ at an airport after missing a flight to Germany for treatment. Jennifer Richardson was also visiting Nuremberg to see her mother, who also has cancer, but she didn’t get through security in time.

She is now in dispute with Birmingham Airport, who said it was friendly but Ms Richardson should have arrived earlier for her flight. Mum-of-four Ms Richardson, 38, says she arrived in time for her 6.15am flight on Thursday, BirminghamLive reports.

Ms Richardson also paid extra for Express Lane tickets. However, she said she was forced to wait in long lines that stretched from security on the upper level of the terminal to the check-in areas.

The Kings Norton resident told BirminghamLive: “I paid extra for priority but had to queue with everyone. I was there 90 minutes before. Everyone regardless of priority , or even business class, was forced to wait in the same, long queue.

“I’m an emotional waste after all this. I needed to go to Germany for cancer treatment and see my parents.

“My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago, and I found out I had breast cancer this year. My plan was to have treatment with my mum.”

Ms Richardson also filed a complaint with Air France about her service. She claims the airline was unfriendly in not offering a flight to Germany until later the same day – but for an extra £380.

She added: “I couldn’t rebook because it was too much. I have a family of six, with two children with special needs, so our money is tight.

“The worst part of it all was having to say goodbye to my children and my partner. I was on a one-way trip to Germany for at least eight months. It was incredibly emotional, and now we have to start all over again.”

Ms Richardson, who moved from Germany to the UK a decade ago, says Air France staff ‘also allowed people to step ahead of others’ when checking in. “They said they would get back to me as soon as possible about it, but I’m still waiting,” she said.

The airline confirmed that it had launched an investigation into the matter.

A Birmingham Airport spokesperson said: “It’s never nice to miss a flight so we have huge sympathy for Jennifer. We also wish her well with her treatment. But if she had made it to BHX two hours before her flight, as recommended by her airline, she would not have missed.

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