It is well known that a mortgage loan is requested for the purpose of acquiring the house that is presented as collateral . However, very few wonder what a mortgage loan can be used for in addition to this purpose. And that, today, a mortgage has more versatile purposes than just buying a home .

Let’s describe some.

In addition to buying a home, what can a mortgage loan be used for?

In addition to buying a home, what can a mortgage loan be used for?

Commercial premises

With the payment of certain taxes, the mortgage credit can be used to acquire a commercial premises (office, warehouse, workshop …).


A mortgage allows you to remodel, repair or expand a home. As a general rule, banks grant 50% of the necessary capital.

Land to build

In this case the land is offered as a guarantee, and you can buy through it the land (they lend you up to 70% of the value) or build (up to 50% of the cost of the work).

Liquidity Credit

Liquidity Credit

It is little known that among the objectives for which a mortgage loan can be used is to obtain money for specific purposes, although it is important to note that a home without liens is placed as collateral, which is risky.

Pay a credit

Through a mortgage it is possible to pay a pending credit, and continue with your payment in the form of a mortgage. It is recommended that the amount owed does not exceed the appraisal of the house as collateral.


You can use a mortgage to buy a house that has not been completed and is being planned. The house will also be the guarantee of credit.

Pay mortgage liabilities

Pay mortgage liabilities

You can use a new mortgage to cancel the mortgage acquired with a banking institution previously, thereby improving your payment terms.

Increase your credit capacity

If your bank imposes a credit limit that is not enough for you to buy a house, you can apply for a mortgage and link both credits to increase your credit capacity.

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