Westridge Grade 6 Showcases Innovative Green Homes – Pasadena Schools


After weeks of crafting, the 6th grade class presented their amazing eco-friendly homes to Ranney Court on Thursday. Families, faculty, staff, and other students toured the exhibits as Grade 6 students explained how they built their homes, all of which were based in locations across Mexico.

Under the tutelage of the entire 6th year faculty (a true interdisciplinary project!), The students explored their passion for sustainable engineering and the exploration of other cultures through the prism of these cardboard houses in mini “consultation” groups. Liv C., Catherine P. and Dillan R. ’28 designed La Casa Soleada, based in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, which featured a sloping roof. They explained that because the sun is setting in the west, the solar panels at the top will be able to absorb more heat.

See the before and after of an eco-friendly home designed by Sienna W., Roen S. and Sofia R. ’28 below. The three, who were very excited to build a fireplace for their home, said it was one of the hardest parts of their design as well.

Students used foam, aluminum foil, and other materials to insulate their homes based on the climate of their home location in Mexico. They then performed thermal tests to make sure their insulation was effective and shared the results in their project sheets. Installing the circuits was another challenge for this project, and the students came up with a number of sustainable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines to power the lights in their homes.

See more photos from Thursday’s Eco-Home Tour here and click here to see an interactive map of all the homes. Congratulations to our budding engineers for their awesome work!

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