Video Analytics Leader Vintra Updates Solution With New Features


Vintra, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, today announced a host of new features available on the latest version of its Vintra product suite.

With these new features, Vintra continues to expand its leadership position in the market and offer a solution that helps security professionals detect potential threats earlier, respond smarter to ongoing incidents, and contribute significantly. increase in survey results.

Vintra offers a specially designed video intelligence solution that makes existing security cameras smarter with accurate critical event alerts, super-fast video search, and endless integration capabilities. The Vintra product suite works on live cameras or recorded video, whether their content comes from stationary or mobile surveillance cameras. It can be deployed as a stand-alone technology connected to any IP camera or as a deep integration with some of the market’s leading security products.

Today, Fortune 100 companies, critical infrastructure providers, major healthcare organizations, the US national security community, and some of the largest public safety organizations in the United States trust Vintra to dramatically improve their operations. physical security and security capabilities without increasing their numbers.

“Our enterprise software system makes existing security cameras smarter and improves the way organizations and governments automatically monitor and search for video for critical safety and security events,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO of Vintra . “Vintra adds a ‘brain’ to every ‘eyes‘ installed in an organization and empowers its security team with force multiplication capabilities. “

These new or significantly improved features include:

  • Re-ID, which helps locate and identify a specific entity in videos (person, face, or vehicle) from various cameras that may not share the same field of view, has been enhanced with signature generation technology more robust. This allows you to run a quick analysis of the journey of a person or object of interest across your campus or a body of videos. For example, Re-ID can quickly identify a person who has been captured by the lobby camera across hundreds of fixed / mobile cameras in the facility without requiring the use of a face as a biometric input, while balancing security. and confidentiality.
  • Vintra IQ, which allows you to quickly establish distinct patterns, match events to those patterns, and find anomalies when known patterns are violated. For example, Vintra IQ allows users to select a Person of Interest (POI), quickly review live or recorded video, and quickly identify all other people that POI has encountered. Vintra IQ will categorize these interactions, allowing the user to identify the most recurring relationships, providing you with relevant and timely data. This is Vintra’s first foray into merging two highly innovative fields such as computer vision and data science to power pattern recognition on large datasets, often referred to as link analysis in communities. investigation and intelligence.
  • Open API, which allows easy porting of Vintra data to other tools in your security infrastructure. While some systems lock you up with a limited set of API functionality, Vintra’s approach is to make available almost everything we detect, classify and track through the API so that you can improve your BI platform (such as than Tableau) with the most sophisticated video analytics available. today

“These latest features represent a real leap forward in the field of AI-powered video understanding,” said Dr. Ariel Amato, co-founder and CTO of Vintra. “Our team has not only continued to serve the needs of our ever-growing customer base, but at a much higher level, we are truly leading the ‘next wave’ of AI in safety and security. We have a bright and experienced team who can quickly move from complex research projects to real applications. Our innovation engine is showing real returns, as demonstrated by these exciting features, and we continue to explore the myriad of benefits that are possible through deep learning at scale. “

The Vintra suite is offered through two different product offerings: Vintra Prevent is the company’s enterprise solution for real-time video. Typically used by organizations that have Security Operation Centers (SOCs) and their own set of hundreds or thousands of cameras, it automatically indexes video feeds, provides accurate event alerts, and enables instant search. Vintra Investigate is intended for dedicated investigative teams who undertake critical and laborious post-event investigations on already recorded third-party videos.

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