Unicoeye Hosts 3rd Anniversary Celebration For Colored Contact Lens Lovers

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Our brand

The eyes are the windows to the heart and how we connect with each other. They can tell our stories and show our feelings. Therefore, beautiful eyes play an important role in eye contact. To bring beauty and confidence to those interested in colored contact lenses, Unicoeye has been committed to providing high quality and beautiful lenses since its inception.

Curious about the lens production technology that does not cause any harm to the eyes? Unicoeye insists on using the latest “Sandwich Printing” technology to protect customers’ visual health. In this technology, the color pigment is placed between two lenses to avoid direct contact of the pigment or other irritating substances with the eyes. At the same time, the color remains intact without increasing the thickness of the lens. More importantly, it can protect people from certain eye problems when wearing contact lenses, such as myopia, corneal abrasion, eye infections, etc. Therefore, Unicoeye is professional in providing various fashionable and safety certified colored contact lenses with this technology.

Unicoeye also focuses on lens quality and puts customers’ eye health in the forefront while pursuing fashion. Compared with common HEMA lens material, Unicoeye uses polymacon material to make the lens thinner and softer. In addition, this material can reduce protein deposits and result in a more comfortable wearing experience.

At the same time, Unicoeye is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a regulatory department responsible for protecting public health. Like people begin their beauty journey, please keep in mind that contact lenses, even cosmetics, are medical devices requiring FDA certification before sale. Wearing lenses without FDA certification could lead to eye infections and even lead to blindness in severe cases. Considering eye health a top priority, Unicoeye spares no effort to raise safety awareness among people who purchase colored contact lenses.

With the growing popularity of colored contact lenses, it’s becoming commonplace to see them all over social media, worn by cosplayers, makeup artists and countless other influencers. Whether it’s a slight enhancement to existing eye color or a whimsical feeling conveyed by a totally off-color tint, colored contact lenses can easily add an extra touch to any costume or make-up. . Unicoeye offers a wide range of options for customers, from Ocean Blue Birch for snowflake whitefrom Wild cat green for Star brown, to meet customer needs. Different replacement periods and a table of lens diameters and base curvatures also make colored contact lenses a bandwagon accessible to everyone.

Nowadays, more and more people would like to wear colored contact lenses because the lenses make the eyes more colorful and beautiful. Since people Can change their hair color, nail color and lip color depending on their style and taste, they can also try to change their eye color, especially when it’s perfectly safe to do so.

The 14.2mm lenses have a slightly dilated effect to enlarge the eyes without looking too awkward. Also, lenses with a light crystal blue tint will make people dynamic and fresh look. Yes they are looking for a more natural and everyday look, they can just try.

Let’s create enchanting eyes with soft contact lenses. The beautiful circular lenses have a rich honey color suitable for all skin tones. And the defined outer ring will instantly people eyes look bigger, brighter and adorable.

The lenses will transform people eye to eye beautiful light blue eyes they have dream. They are more of a blue shade than a gray shade which can be easily worn in the daily activities. For those who want the same lightness but a grayer shade, it’s best to try crystal contact lenses.

Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. Unicoeye brings customers the beauty rendered by stunning colors, as well as self-confidence and joy. For beauty makeup lovers who want to decorate their eyes, Unicoeye is the right choice to provide the perfect and safe colored contact lenses.

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