Triway School Board Hires Hammond Construction to Manage Kindergarten to Grade 12 Construction Project

Triway Local Schools School Board

December 13 meeting

KEY ACTION Hired Hammond Construction of Canton as Construction Director from Kindergarten to Grade 12 construction project.

DISCUSSION The official contract has yet to be approved by the board of directors, but Hammond Construction, who has already worked on several projects with GPD Group, the architect of Triway, is the board’s choice for the construction manager, said Superintendent Nathan Schindewolf.

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Getting the whole team together is “the last piece of the puzzle,” Schindewolf said, describing the team as “phenomenal.”

Hammond’s website says he has already built new and renovated facilities for dozens of northeast Ohio school districts, including Ashland City Schools and Green Local.

In business for over 48 years, she specializes in the K-12 construction market.

In the documentation provided, the company has committed to maintaining a consistent and open dialogue with the Triway community throughout the project and to participating in Education Council and community meetings.

The public will have the opportunity to hear a presentation from GPD and Hammond Construction at 6 p.m. on January 19 at Triway High School.

Students can influence the design of the Triway building

A two-hour delay in the school schedule on January 14 will allow staff to hear a presentation from the two companies. On the same day, they will meet with representatives of students from all three academic levels, Schindewolf said.

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Students will have the opportunity to share their perspective on the design of the building, “from a student’s perspective,” said Schindewolf.

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The students had previously given their opinions on the design of the building and at the January meeting, “there are now real things that they can show the students,” he said.

The district is working on a unique opportunity for high school students, many of whom will be chosen for paid internships with GPD, Schindewolf said.

They will be selected according to their future aspirations in the field of architecture or interior design.

Students completing internships will be able to say, “I was part of this project in a much deeper sense,” Schindewolf said. “I really think it will be a great experience for them.”

OTHER BUSINESS The December Difference Makers recognized by the Board of Trustees are Finn Kitchen and Maria James, Triway High School; Bruin Flnner and Olivia Warren, Triway Junior High; Victoria Keller and Cyric Justice, Shreve Elementary; and Rory Kamph and Piper Bogner, Wooster Township Elementary School.

This month’s criteria involved being an effective communicator in areas such as group leadership and communication initiatives, Schindewolf said. Characteristics recognized each month are associated with the Portrait of a Titan by Triway.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Joyce Krebs, consumer and family science teacher at Triway High School, and four students spoke to the board about projects they have been working on and upcoming projects.

One student said he took all eight courses offered by Krebs.

“It’s a bit of a unique area,” Schindewolf said, noting that not all board and community members are aware of the various programs that FCCLA has implemented.

FOLLOWING Meets at 7:15 a.m. on January 10 for an organizational meeting in room 102, Triway High School, 3205 Shreve Road. The regular meeting follows at 7:30 a.m.

This article originally appeared in The Daily Record: Hammond Construction to Manage Triway Local School Construction Project

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