Toyota offers easy financing solution with Balloon Payment Plus


The Balloon Payment Plus solution offers new, lighter ways of owning a Toyota. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

GETTING improvements in life could never be less than exciting and it is true when buying a new Toyota. With the times changing rapidly, a well-deserved upgrade like a new car shouldn’t be a hassle anymore.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) introduces Balloon Payment Plus – a new, easier way to bring and provide access to mobility for all.

Balloon Payment Plus is an updated financing solution designed exclusively for TMP by Toyota Financial Services Philippines that makes ownership and driving experience more affordable with lower monthly payments, higher quality, and built-in prepaid periodic maintenance service (and no stress) and a flexible ending-. options over the term of the loan.

How is this different from classic auto financing? Just like a balloon, here’s a smooth, slippery guide to Balloon Payment Plus.

Balloon Payment Plus offers monthly payments up to 28% lower than regular financing, making it easier for you to pay each month. Think of it as a goal setting plan to pay low now and take care of the rest later.

Now that lump sum at the end may seem overwhelming, but you are guaranteed a wonderful return on your investment – the built-in scheduled maintenance service. The low monthly payment is accompanied by prepaid periodic maintenance service.

The Balloon Payment Plus program includes stress-free, first-class periodic maintenance service from the dealership where the car was purchased.

What happens at the end of the financing term and you have your eyes on a new Toyota that you would love to have and drive? The car can be exchanged for a new one and the estimated value of the previous vehicle can be used as a down payment. Balloon Payment Plus covers a range of models and variations that will surely serve your dreams.

For more information, download the myTOYOTA PH app for Android and iOS.


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