TOSTEM offers “Home Solution & Living Space” at ASA’22 Expo, aiming to gain more market share in Thailand

TOSTEM offers “Home Solution & Living Space” at ASA’22 Expo, aiming to gain more market share in Thailand

Tostem Thailand, Japan’s leading aluminum window and door manufacturing brand, is planning to capture more market share in Thailand, especially in the retail (B2C) market, as it foresees a greater opportunity for meet growing demand in a disruptive living environment amid the pandemic and increasing intergeneration.

Mr Wicha Worasayun, leader, Thailand, LHT Asia, Japan’s most respected name in building materials, housing products and services and owner of the Tostem brand, said the company foresees growing demand not only for functional and quality housing, but also for good design. For the sake of design, minimal and functional Japanese designs can also meet the current requirements of many Thai customers.

Mr. Wicha pointed out that the current demands for housing products have been driven by two factors. The first is the changing lifestyle that forces people to “work from home” and spend more time at home, so people are more concerned about space, air circulation and the countryside. In addition, a growing aging society and intergeneration, in which the same dwelling houses several generations of elderly people and children, will also influence the housing products which must meet the needs of everyone.

Thus, the company’s products which have developed and relied on Japanese influence can also meet local demand well in the current period and in the future.

“Before the pandemic, the company’s main revenues largely came from projects or business-to-business. However, in the wake of the pandemic, the company is earning more revenue from retail or retail as individuals are increasingly afraid to spend time at home. So, from now on, the company will focus more on the retail market by launching three strategies to attract more customers in the Thai market,” he said.

He explained that before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 70% of the company’s sales came from B2B or project customers, while around 30% came from the retail or B2C market. But post-pandemic, B2B revenues have been suspended, while retail sales have increased dramatically.

As part of strategies to reach more retail customers, Tostem will continue to introduce new products to meet particular demand. Last year, Tostem launched ATIS, its latest collection of window models. ATIS: The Art of the View is a collection of windows created with an artistic and minimal design, and offers products for every room in the house. ATIS sliding windows are fitted with a safety cap ensuring that anyone using them does not injure themselves. The awning window comes with an orbital handle, simply designed, simply functional. The tilt and slide window has two elements, tilt and slide, all in one. ATIS windows are equipped with an intelligent screen system with an invisible screen preventing insects from entering, letting in more air and increasing transparency. ATIS products are easy to use by the elderly and children.

Then Tostem will produce a custom-made product for each retail customer. It will focus more on the quality and long-term use of the products. It will continue to develop products that are durable and meet the different demands of each customer.

Third, the company will increase the touch point with customers by increasing more virtual showrooms through an online system by adopting digital technology to meet market interests. It will also expand more showrooms through its partners nationwide, especially in business and tourist cities where a growing number of residential builders, resorts and homes.

With these strategies, Wicha expects the company to see sales growth of up to 40% this year.

According to the company, in the first quarter of this year, the company’s sales increased by 20% year-on-year.

(From left to right: Mr. Wicha Worasayun, Manager, Thailand, LHT Asia, Mr. Pakorn Mahapant, M Space Design Director)

Mr. Pakorn Mahapantdesign director of M Space – a company of architects, said that today Thai consumers favor not only quality and functionality, but also design, as people spend more time home since the pandemic.

“More and more Thai people like Japanese housing architecture and design because it provides a connecting space between the living area and the outside environment. Tostem’s products help cater to Thai customers from different angles as they are high quality, functional, well-designed and offer a connection to nature, including fresh air and open spaces,” Mr. Pakorn added. .

Tostem is a brand of home products. Aluminum windows belonging to Lixil Japan, building materials and decoration business group. It is known for its simple and elegant design and full functionality as a total housing solution with its notable for being pre-engineered system in production.

At the Architect Expo 2022 held this week, covering a 162 sqm. Tostem showed its innovation with art and design for aluminum products under the “Home Solution & Living Space” platform which is aligned with its concept of “Framing the Beauty of Living”. Many products are featured, including its latest collection ATIS, Grants and Giesta, which are unique in their simplicity, luxury, durability and maximum protection.

Customers can meet Tostem products and enjoy the simulation system at home at

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