The Eyes Inc. provides troubleshooting services for visual discomfort with progressive lenses

SINGAPORE – Media outreach – November 1, 2022 – The Eyes Inc., a optical store in singaporeprovides progressive lens repair services, which are available at their Ang Mo Kio store.

2 out of 10 people who wear progressive lenses experience adverse symptoms, such as double vision, lateral blurred aberration, wavy vision, headache and blurred vision. Although vision problems induced by wearing progressive lenses are common, they can be solved with the help of advanced technologies and proper fitting technique. The Eyes Inc. is able to help with this, having been founded and led by a qualified optometrist with over 15 years of experience and expertise in troubleshooting progressive lenses.

The Eyes Inc. offers a non-binding service general eye examination before continuing with the troubleshooting process. Some basic questions will be asked to better understand lifestyle, issues, work habits and individual needs. With this information, they can provide a more personalized eye recommendation with a better understanding of their pain points. The optometrist will then move on to data mining, in which the existing pair of glasses will be used to discern the root of an individual’s vision problems. Then, a thorough ocular control will be carried out during which refraction, ocular motility and the existence of cataracts will be evaluated. Finally, a briefing will be provided on everything related to the prescription, the condition of the eyes and the cause of any visual discomfort.

Since its inception, The Eyes Inc. has been a one-stop-shop for eye-related issues such as double vision, eye strain, progressive lens discomfort, dyslexia, and more. The optical store also understands how crucial comfortable and clear vision is for everyone, and ensures that eyewear is customized specifically to each individual’s eye needs or condition. With its progressive lens repair service available, The Eyes Inc. hopes to continue to help people who are having problems with their progressive lenses.

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