The brand offers a sustainable solution to shipping delays

LOS ANGELES – As the holidays approach, all eyes are on supply chain issues and shipping delays.

But some say local shopping might just be the answer for holiday giveaways this year.

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  • As the holidays approach, all eyes are on supply chain issues and shipping delays
  • Some suggest that local shopping could be a solution to acquiring holiday gifts this year.
  • LaLa Land Factory in downtown Los Angeles is working to produce local products for Los Angeles-based brands like Ma’am Shoes.

LaLa Land Factory in downtown Los Angeles works to produce local products for Los Angeles-based brands like Ma’am Shoes. Sofi Newmyer is the founder of the DTLA shoe brand. Shoes are a labor of love.

“I have to pinch myself,” Newmyer said. “It is all quite shocking that this is happening.”

The shoes go through an assembly line and take months to create. Newmyer intended to maintain local production, although it would have been significantly cheaper to manufacture his shoes overseas. She explained that it was important for her to create jobs with fair wages for women in Los Angeles, and here she can be assured that when they are ready to ship to customers, her shoes will not be stuck on. a boat lined up with blocked ports.

“These are not shoes made on the backs of people’s unfair labor practices,” she said.

This is the heart of its sustainable brand. Newmyer says it also restricts international freight transport as it is responsible for 18% of global air pollution. Instead, she works with domestic artisans, hand-sewing every part of the upper boot.

“It takes a lot of sewing to create a single pair of shoes,” she laughed.

Newmyer’s mission is to make comfortable shoes for women like her, leading busy lives that can wear them pain-free from their first cup of coffee in the morning, to dinner and drinks in the evening. Anyone who wears heels for this long knows that this is no small feat.

“We’re talking about whether that feels a bit tight in the little finger or could we use more foam in the sole? So that’s really, that’s why the first step with Jano takes so long,” explained Newmyer.

Jano is the man who helps her with the conception. His passion and expertise are invaluable. The second-generation shoemaker owned a shoe store in Lebanon as a teenager, before moving to Milan, Italy, to attend a famous shoe design and pattern making school.

“So you have to know each step one by one,” he explained.

Newmyer’s dream started as a simple concept in his home office. She is attached not only to the Ma’am product, but also to the meaning of her name, remembering the first time she was called “ma’am” at the grocery store.

“‘Have a good day, ma’am,'” Newmyer recalls. “And I just thought, ‘Oh, it’s just over. My best days are behind me, I’m not a failure anymore.'”

Deciding to recoup what that meant, the new mom says that when she can sleep, she can sleep well knowing that her durable shoes represent the resilience it really takes to be a madam.

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