Tellyo introduces Stream Studio solution updates

Tellyo (Booth N1932) announces the latest update to its flagship Stream Studio solution. The latest version (V1.30.0 – codenamed “Booster Shot”) introduces a broadcast feature that will allow content creators to create and run true 24/7 channels that combine a number of resources different video and content.

This new streaming feature comes in direct response to customer feedback and requests for a tool that enables 24/7 channel and stream creation. Users now have access to four “fire and forget” playback engines that can combine a variety of sources, including live streams, pre-recorded videos, web pages, images, audio clips, and animations. In Plays, all assets can be organized using Playlist Sets. Operators can trim resources, manage playlist duration, and even loop playlists as needed. Plus, each stream has its own live preview in Stream Studio, so content changes can be made on the fly without affecting a production that’s already in progress. For convenience, each stream exists as a single source subgroup in Stream Studio’s audio mixer and can be controlled by a fader.

In addition to the playlists feature, this latest release also sees the introduction of new, more dynamic audio transitions that improve the audience experience during video transitions. Additionally, the guest experience has been enhanced with a subtle but important change to the way the minus mix is ​​created, ensuring guests joining a production have a more natural and comfortable audio experience.

“2022 is proving to be a big year for Stream Studio – we’ve added our innovative “Stream Sync Engine” that finally makes seamless switching of a multi-camera live cloud production a reality, and we continue to refine the user experience and provide our customers with more creative options,” says Richard Collins, CEO of Tellyo. “The constant feedback we hear from content producers indicates that they want to improve their production values ​​and produce more engaging and engaging content. Tellyo’s Stream Studio helps them do this in a more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, and I look forward to sharing this message with NAB Show visitors later this month.

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