STAR PARKER: Divided We Fall

As Democrats see the likelihood of the House and Senate shifting to Republican control, they have drawn their biggest gun to try to minimize the damage.

Former President Barack Obama, the nation’s most popular Democrat, has gone on the campaign trail to try to salvage victories in tight and critical races. Obama’s main message is about the importance of the vote. Turnout is key for Democrats, especially high turnout from black voters.

In Georgia, where the Senate race between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker is on a knife edge, the black vote is crucial. Unfortunately, despite the charisma and charm of the former president, the message he delivers is destructive for his party and for the country.

It pits Americans against Americans. Blacks against whites. The rich against the poor. “In your instinct, you should have an idea: who cares about you? asks Obama.

Obama burst onto the national stage as a young member of the Illinois State Assembly when he addressed the Democratic National Convention in 2004. In that speech, he captured hearts and spirits by reminding the nation that we are “E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, One . . . . There is not a liberal America and a conservative America…a black America and a white America…There there is the United States of America.”

The message of this young idealist, seeking to pave the way for his political ambition, has totally disappeared now that these ambitions are realized.

We would like to believe that the battle between the two sides is over who carries the best message for all Americans. But that’s not what the Democratic Party is marketing to voters.

Their message is that the two parties represent different groups of Americans. The question is which interest group will prevail at the expense of the other.

Democrats claim they represent the interests of low-income, working-class nonwhite Americans, and Republicans represent wealthy white Americans. Hopefully that doesn’t resonate because it’s definitely not true.

The Republican message is that limited government, respect for the sanctity of life, and Christian values ​​that preserve the traditional family benefit every American of all economic and ethnic backgrounds.

But voters hear from our former president that these values, which capture the essence of freedom, undermine freedom.

“Who will fight for your freedom? he asks. “Is it a bunch of Republican politicians and judges who think they should…decide when you start a family or how many kids you have or who you marry or who you love?”

In 2019, 38% of all abortions were black babies. In Georgia, it was 65%.

Freedom is when parents control where their children go to school and what they learn. Democrats oppose it. Freedom is about limiting government so that the economy grows at a healthy rate without inflation. Democrats oppose it. And freedom is citizens getting accurate information from their leaders.

Obama attacked Wisconsin Senate incumbent Ron Johnson (right) for telling the truth that Social Security, which affects virtually every working American, is down. This year, Social Security administrators said that by 2034 there will only be enough funds to pay 77% of benefits. This is called bankruptcy.

The Congressional Budget Office now projects that by 2052 the national debt will equal 185% of our GDP.

Debt, bankruptcy and lies do not offer any American a promising future.

Let’s hope black Americans show up in record numbers and support Republicans in their efforts to create the united free country we all desperately need.

In the words of our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, we pray for a “new birth of freedom.”

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

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