Solarize Reviews: Solar Powered Lights Legit Home Lighting Solution?

Are you looking to invest in a lighting system for your home? Can’t find a device that fits your budget? Conventional lighting systems can accumulate costs as they require experienced electricians and excessive wiring. While wireless alternatives exist, installation is likely to become an impossible quest due to the complexity. One team believes any home can be lit without hurting the eyes, the budget, or even our planet. After taking into account several variables, Brightology is proud to present Solarize. As a company that represents inclusive innovations, superior quality and versatility, our editorial team simply couldn’t contain themselves. So, we decided to create a comprehensive guide that covers Solarize from the inside and out.

What is Solarize?

Solarize is a solar powered gutter lamp intended to illuminate outdoor spaces. The Brightology team responsible for this light says it is the latest breakthrough invention that can easily improve your home at a fraction of the cost. As the name suggests, Solarize depends on solar energy. Therefore, individuals should be located in an area with sufficient sunlight to charge each unit. When all went according to plan, the lighting would work steadily for up to 10 hours. The first question that can naturally arise in the mind is, “How does Solarize save money, while still filling the darkness with light?” Solarize’s secret sauce is its built-in functionality.

What are the features of Solarize?

For most products, there is normally only one secret sauce. However, in the case of Solarize, there is a lot to discuss. So far we know that this unit works on solar energy. Other notable features include:

Easy installation

To install Solarize, simply attach the included sturdy bracket, screw the unit to the location of your choice and take advantage of the lighting emitted around the house. The brackets can be installed in minutes and do not require complicated wiring or expensive tools. After reading verified reviews, some customers have pointed out that the brackets provided are only suitable for gutters. Therefore, for those looking to install Solarize on the roof, fence, patio, porch, garden or walkway, another accessory may be required at the customer’s expense.

Lighting time

When Solarize is charged in natural light, it can run for six to eight hours. This range is very likely to widen depending on the respective location. It seems most customers were happy with the length of time, however, the strength of the lighting was questioned on several occasions.

Twilight to dawn setting

Resuming where we left off, the Solarize mechanism depends on day or night. During the day, Solarize units are switched off, as this period constitutes the charging period. At night, these same units will turn on automatically.


Solarize has been rated IP44. Simply put, the device can withstand the presence of solid particles larger than 1mm in size. As for water, it will only resist spray, none of the hardness resulting from bad weather.

Low consumption

Incorporated in Solarize are three LED light units for warm light in white color. Nevertheless, by placing these respective units in the house, consumers contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the saving of energy.

The other specificities are:

  • Dimensions: 11.51 x 6.3 x 18.01 cm
  • Weight: 140.61g
  • Equipment: ABS plastic
  • Batteries: 800 mAh battery required
  • LED power: 10 lumens at 1.2V
  • Change: automatic and manual on / off switch function

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many Solarize units will support a house?

The recommended minimum number of Solarize units per home is four. More should be ordered depending on the size of the house and the presence of gutters.

Will Solarize work in the rain?

Solarize can still be effective in light rain, but harsher conditions can lead to unwanted damage that will not be accepted by Brightology’s customer support team.

What does each Solarize purchase include?

Each purchase includes a battery and battery cover, locking lens, switch, LED bulbs, screws, metal bars (i.e. bracket attachment), slot, and thumb screw .

How many days does it take to receive Solarize?

All orders will be shipped from a warehouse in the United States. Therefore, individuals are urged to wait five to eight business days before filing a complaint with Brightology’s customer support team.

What Solarize is not working as expected?

If the lighting is not bright enough or the device does not last as long as expected, customer service can be contacted to request a refund. One of the conditions that must be met is that all returned units are intact (i.e. torn cable, cracks, scratches and used adhesives will be rejected). After reviewing your request and the returned goods, the team will charge a restocking fee of up to 15%. In addition, shipping is the responsibility of the customer. To get a detailed report of Brightology’s refund policy, you can ask for help in any of the ways listed:

E-mail: [email protected]

Call: (949) 502 0150

How much does Solarize cost?

Solarize units can be purchased in packages of 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 units. For clarity, you will find the prices below according to the previously mentioned units:

  • 4 Solarization units: $ 9.99 each
  • 8 Solarization units: $ 8.99 each
  • 12 Solarize units: $ 7.99 each
  • 16 Solarize units: $ 6.99 each
  • 20 Solariser units: $ 6.49 each

Final verdict

Based on the above analysis, Brightology’s latest innovation was designed to introduce brightness into dark spaces. Designed for outdoor use only, Solarize is known not only to save time and money, but can also go so far as to make a positive contribution to the environment. As it requires solar energy, it is unlikely to leave the slightest hollow in your electricity bill. All features and benefits aside, some concerns have been expressed at separate outlets regarding multiple uses and installation.

Specifically, Solarize may only stay in place when installed on gutters. According to claims made, the suggested installation steps are not enough for solid results. Additionally, some customers felt that the light power was insufficient, not meeting basic visibility requirements, but this appears to be very rare for these customer results. Ultimately, individuals may want to re-evaluate their lighting needs before placing an order, but Solarize Solarize home lighting solutions for home lighting solutions appear to be a viable choice to make today. For more information on Brightology’s Solarize, go here >>>.

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