Signs, causes and treatment of eye strain headaches

You should note that experiencing eye strain does not mean that your eyes are injured or damaged. Headaches and eye fatigue go away after you give your eyes a good rest

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There are various things that can lead to a headache. We all know how uncomfortable and unbearable pain can be. The pain you feel may be extreme or mild, depending on the underlying reason.

One of the causes of headaches is eye strain. This can happen after engaging in activities like concentrating intently on a computer screen for too long or after a long car ride. It can make you feel blurry, exhaustion and irritation in your eyes.

You should keep in mind that experiencing eye strain does not mean that your eyes are injured or damaged. Headaches and fatigue go away once you rest your eyes.

Signs of an eye strain headache:

You feel pain behind your eyes
You might feel pain behind or around your eyes, and the area where you feel pain might be sore or tired.

No digestive issues
An eye strain headache is usually not associated with vomiting or nausea. So, unlike other types of headaches, you won’t experience nausea or any other digestive-related issues.

It develops after prolonged activity
You develop an eye strain headache after overusing your eyes during activities such as staring at your phone screen for hours or reading a book continuously.

Causes of a headache due to eyestrain:

Some of the causes of a headache due to eyestrain are:

1. Uncorrected vision.
Uncorrected vision can also cause eyestrain headaches. Glasses or contact lenses can solve the problem. Your eyes work harder to form a clear image when your vision is uncorrected. This can lead to an eye strain headache.

2. Exposure to bright or dim light.
You may experience eyestrain headaches after being exposed to bright light, such as sunlight, or dim light for too long. When your eyes are working hard to focus, you may experience headaches.

3. Prolonged use of contact lenses.
Prolonged use of contact lenses can cause eye irritation and fatigue.

Treatment of headaches related to eyestrain:

You can moisten your eyes by applying eye drops as dryness can make eyestrain worse. Further, you simply need to close your eyes and rest them for several minutes. Putting an ice pack or a cold towel on your forehead can also provide relief.

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