Roberto Firmino improves Ronaldo, Haaland and Lewandowski as Liverpool find important solution

We’ve been two months into the season, and the most prolific striker in Europe is… drum roll… Roberto Firmino.

It’s a phrase even the most ardent Liverpool supporters would not have predicted at the start of the summer.

The conversation around Roberto Firmino during the transfer window revolved around discussions of an impending replacement and the need to find a number nine.

Dusan Vlahovic, Patson Daka, Alexander Isak, Erling Haaland and Jonathan David were among the list of names linked to a potential move to Anfield to replace the Brazilian from Liverpool.

But Roberto Firmino has beaten them all so far this season.

Following his hat-trick against Watford, which was Firmino’s first full 90 minutes in 2021/22, the Brazilian has scored six goals in 237 minutes of action for the Reds.

That means he’s averaging 2.3 goals for 90 in all competitions so far this season. And that number places him as Europe’s most prolific goalscorer above elite forwards such as Erling Haaland (1.37 goals for 90) and Cristiano Ronaldo (1.15 goals for 90).

Even when it comes to league games, Firmino leads the chase with 1.55 goals for 90, ahead of Haaland (1.29), Benzema (1.07) and Lewandowski (1.04).

So far this season, according to Wyscout, Firmino has averaged 2.66 shots for 90 and has hit them all on target with 100% accuracy.

Last season Firmino averaged 2.32 shots for 90, but had a shooting accuracy of just 36.7% – a significant room for improvement and a lean towards a more refined Firmino.

The Brazilian’s purple spot erases claims that Firmino has surpassed his best. He has shown that he is able to shape and adapt his game. His finish has seen a major improvement as well as his positioning.

If he can maintain the same level of performance over the season only time will tell, but if he does, Liverpool’s front line will look even more formidable thanks to his presence.

His goals against Watford may have been chance strikes, but last season most of the argument around Liverpool’s number nine situation focused on the Reds who lacked the type of player who could finish their chances and to arrive in the area at the right time at the same time. ilk Firmino did this afternoon.

This season, apart from his first goal against Porto, all of Firmino’s goals have come from inside the box. He is already three goals away from replicating his goal tally from last season after making just two starts.

Liverpool fans might have wanted a new man to fix solution number nine at Anfield, but it seems the answer was right in front of their own eyes.

For now, Bobby Dazzler has everything under control and Liverpool’s search for a new striker can be safely put on hold.

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