Rivoli EyeZone presents new generation solutions with inxt indoor and outdoor lenses

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Whether you’re at work or playing, indoors or out, high definition vision is important for everything you do, from working on digital devices, to reading and watching TV, to outdoor activities and much more. Whatever your requirements in daily life, Rivoli EyeZone, a concept of Rivoli Vision, brings a one-of-a-kind experience with new generation digital inxt lenses for all needs.

The latest vision solution technology, inxt Anti I-Stress, inxt Office and inxt Sports lenses are designed with maximum comfort in mind for those extended and extended activities. With these lenses, Rivoli EyeZone presents task-specific solutions for the diverse needs of consumers, from working long hours at a computer to protecting yourself from the scorching sun when you are outdoors.

Reduce fatigue with inxt Anti I-Stress glasses

Digital eye strain is a modern problem. In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it emerges as a threat to public health as we are continually glued to our digital devices for extended hours. As a solution, Rivoli EyeZone introduced inxt Anti I-Stress lenses to help reduce stress and strain caused by constant use of smartphones and other digital devices.

Using advanced blue light and digital mapping technologies, the lenses provide enhanced vision for reading, reduce eye strain, and allow seamless focus between distance and proximity. It also helps to avoid stress for those who are used to prolonged reading.

Improve your comfort with inxt Office glasses

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Likewise, inxt Office lenses are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their digital devices, whether indoors or in their offices. These lenses are designed with desktop ergonomics in mind for optimal vision during specific tasks, dramatically increasing visual comfort and reducing eye strain.

They provide increased comfort for your preferred near and middle gadget distance. They are suitable for office and cabin work, provide transparent focus and wider vision, and offer a blue shield function to filter out harmful blue light.

Protect your eyes with inxt Sports lenses

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Optics play a vital role in sport because seeing well is playing well. Whether cycling, tennis or golfing under a bright sun, any sport requires sunglasses or sports glasses to achieve peak performance. Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses with your own prescription, and they are the perfect solution for staying protected and seeing clearly while looking good. Prescription sports lenses provide the best outdoor viewing experience combined with great aesthetics in the frame of your choice.

Inxt Sports lenses provide protection against direct and indirect exposure to ultraviolet rays, changing lighting conditions, dazzling and uncomfortable light and glare during outdoor sporting events. These lenses are available in single vision and progressive lenses.

Available in various styles and attractive colors and hues, there is an inxt Sports lens for any hobby, sport or occupation.

Rivoli EyeZone by Rivoli Vision offers a wide range of next generation inxt digital lenses, a world class optical lens manufacturer that is truly the next generation in eye care. Next-generation inxt digital lenses are available exclusively at all Rivoli EyeZone stores in the UAE and other GCC regions including Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

With the widest offering and innovations in eyewear and eye care, Rivoli EyeZone has distinguished itself as one of the most trusted opticians in the United Arab Emirates.

To learn more about the latest range of products and services from Rivoli Eyezone, visit www.rivolivision.com

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