Quality or comfort? Here is the solution to choose Panduro

Like panettone, bindoro is almost synonymous with Christmas. That’s why Altroconsumo has put together an arrangement to understand how to balance etiquette and comfort.

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Maybe there aren’t many Italians who, when choosing a pandoro to cut for the Christmas holidays, stop and read the name on the wrapper. All eyes are usually on the price or the “offer” label, with the belief that one product is as good as another. However, the selection criterion cannot be based on this alone. and Altroconsumo, Combined with panettone scanning, also focuses on pandoro, to understand the ten most popular products and whether the selection trend really reflects the quality of the products in question.

Brands are well known, although some are less so than others. The original recipe, connected with modern times, dates back to the roots of Veneto and Melegatti, at the end of the 19th century. However, Excessive consumption of sweets Christmas generally means that its spread has reached virtually all regions of the peninsula, with a preference for the northern region, where other typical sweets predominate in the south. In any case, the realization of Altroconsumo depends above all on the requirements which must be common to all the products offered for sale, from the completeness of the information on the label to the quality of the ingredients used.

Pandoro, the order of Altroconsumo: which is better

Is it possible, then, to make a classification linked to pandoro? Clearly saying which one is better is an impossible task, because taste (or, as we mentioned, convenience) wins in the end. However, it is possible to understand if, by overriding some basic privileges, The product can come out It may be more reliable than others, both economically and in terms of taste. Experts, for example, also took into account some physical properties, such as the exterior color (uniform but not too dark) and cut (dry and with a uniform fall). It is not surprising, in this sense, that among the most well-known and popular types of pandoro, three types of pandoro are found at the top of the rankings.

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It is also among the most expensive, although this survey shows why. The podium consists of the gold medalist, Magnifico Pandoro Tre Marie, which sold for € 11.73 and was rated excellent in laboratory tests, as well as in taste. Less on the front of the label. Silver and bronze, respectively, for Le Grazie di Esselunga (considered the best buy and sell at 3.79 euros) and Maina, less appreciated by consumers than previous consumers but still considered to be of excellent quality. Also for the price (6.16 €). Pandoro’s seven on the podium also remained good, some for quality and others for name. Based on the exact parameters, it is possible to understand which pandaro is in fact an absolute guarantee of quality. Even so, as we mentioned, taste is king. Considering the period, even the performance cannot be exceeded.

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