Pricing solution for air pollution?


Dhoka, the highly developed city of Chapasthan, was once again ranked second in the list of the most polluted cities in the world.

The rich and powerful of Chapasthan are happy that their kingdom can achieve one of the top positions, regardless of the clue we are talking about.

“We were born to be either the first or the second in all competitions and all clues, for we are this valiant nation that was born to rule the world, not to rule,” one of the wealthiest citizens , but one of the poorest inhabitants of Fulshan, mentioned. “As we grow, it’s only natural that our position in this list grows as well.”

“Dude, my parents are worried about my future. But, the air in Dhoka is so polluted that I can’t even see my girlfriend’s face in a rickshaw, let alone my future! ‘future in this city,’ said a boy from old Dhoka. new fear.

During this time, following the rhythm of the plane, the price of plane tickets “developed”. While you can’t see any direct relationship between air pollution and changing fares, there is some “science” behind it.

“Rising airline ticket prices are another notable sign of hidden development. A developed country tends to spend more on everything. We are a developed country, so why would you spend less? The Minister of Unfair Tariffs put the question to those who “complain about everything”.

“To be second in a world competition is without a doubt an unprecedented achievement for us. We can’t let it go to waste so cheap by improving the air. However, we have taken an initiative to reduce air pollution. I think planes are the reason. the air in our city is polluted. Thus, by increasing the price of plane tickets, no one can use this vehicle and thus leave our air unscathed, ”explained the Minister of Customs Tariffs.

A movie producer planned a movie called “Don’t Breathe” because he discovered that breathing in this city is more difficult than climbing Everest. A sequel is also in the works, titled “Don’t Move”, as it discovered that due to respiratory problems in this city, a person couldn’t even move to another country because of the price of plane tickets. .

It has been proven that new problems give birth to a new idea, at least in Chapasthan’s case – cutting off heads to cure headaches has been an outstanding solution for decades.

“I still don’t see how air pollution relates to the tariff solution,” a student at a prominent private university said incredulously.

“The solution is to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets,” he said, then sped off in his sports car when the light turned green.

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