With falling mortgage rates, the cost of borrower insurance is becoming increasingly important compared to the interest rate of the loan itself. Moreover, the government has abolished the exemption from the death guarantee tax for the new contracts signed since January 1, 2019 which implies.

What does rent supervision provide for tenants?

What does rent supervision provide for tenants?

After being canceled in November 2017, this provision will be renewed from 1 July 2019. Currently, Paris is the only city to have adopted the application of this procedure in accordance with the Elan Law (Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital). Many cities have volunteered for this new legislation.

Evolution of Real Estate Rates: First Quarter 2019


According to the Credit Logement / CSA Observatory, the first quarter of 2019 was particularly conducive to real estate purchases. The average duration of mortgage loans was 229 months, a little over 19 years. At the same period in 2018, she was one year younger. Borrowers becoming owners with a tighter budget do not hesitate.

Borrow with a residence permit, it’s possible!


You live in France, you have a CDI in your pocket but you have a residence permit. Your greatest wish is to become an owner. If you do not have French nationality but you live in France, you can apply for a mortgage. For this, you need to meet the necessary conditions in terms. 

Good Finance opens a new agency in Chelles!

The network Good Finance continues its development and announces the opening of a new agency in Seine and Marne in Chelles. Over its 20 years of existence, Good Finance has gained recognition and notoriety among the general public and its partners. Good Finance is one of the key players in the market thanks to its “free offer for.

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