Pearson India launches digital learning solution for students and teachers

title=Pearson India has launched a digital learning solution in the country that aims to provide students and teachers with a comprehensive resource of learning materials accessible anytime and anywhere, Telegraph India reported. The company said the above initiative is in line with the Indian government’s Digital India program as well as the National Education Policy introduced in 2020.

Among the benefits of study material is a plethora of review tools. These include voice notes as well as the ability to add hyperlinks and web links. In addition, readers will also be able to highlight specific texts. Reading material is accessible via any device, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.

In total, more than 4000 titles are readily available that cover a wide range of topics. These range from engineering, humanities and social sciences, nursing and personal development, business management, business and economics, science and mathematics, new age technologies, English or competitive exam preparation courses, to name a few.

In addition, with the integration of the Learning Management System (LMS), students and teachers will benefit from a single sign-on feature. This negates the requirement for a separate login mechanism, making the whole system extremely easy and straightforward for teachers and students.

Another cool feature of Pearson India’s digital learning solution is the analytics functionality that it is built into. This will allow students to keep an eye on their usage while teachers and the institute can keep tabs on the progress of each student.

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