“Peace in the region linked to the solution of economic and security problems”

LAHORE: Speakers at a book launch ceremony stressed that unless the economic and security issues and challenges of Afghanistan, Held Kashmir, Palestine and other weaker countries are resolved, a lasting world peace would be an elusive dream.

They were speaking on Saturday at the launch of former bureaucrat and social activist Masood Aslam’s autobiography entitled “Awaaz Masood lillah”, chaired by former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani while former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan was the main guest. Members of assemblies, former bureaucrats, retired military officers and people from different schools of thought were present in large numbers.

Yousuf Raza Gilani said, “The world must understand that until there is stability in our region, there will be problems all over the world. If the world wants peace, the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved. Afghanistan must be supported for humanitarian reasons. The economy needs to be strengthened as Afghanistan faces challenges and a sustainable strategy is needed to resolve the Kashmir issue.

He said he wrote his own book while in Adiala prison for those who constitute the country’s silent majority. He said the few in the country dared to speak while the majority were silent. He said that writing a book is hard work and a biography even harder because if any of the events are disproven, the reputation is damaged.

“Me and Masood Aslam have one thing in common. I wrote a book in captivity and he wrote a book in exile. The book he wrote is definitely the best book,” he said. Gilani said his government strongly believed in and practiced democracy, freedom of justice, media and minorities.

“In my first speech as Prime Minister, I ordered the release of the detained judges. I was the first Prime Minister to be unanimously elected after receiving a vote of confidence. There was not a single political prisoner in my government. But then came “Tabdeeli”. The engineers of the new Pakistan were those of the old Pakistan, and some of them are the ones who figure prominently in General Musharraf’s cabinet and his own. This is why Pakistan is suffering,” he said.

Gilani said he thought the prime minister of the new Pakistan would give a better speech than he did, but the new prime minister offered the opposition container to stage a sit-in. He said that it should be understood that not all opponents are thieves and jalopies, and that political stability serves as the basis for economic stability. Gilani said he brought political stability and economic stability to the country.

Sardar Atiq Ahmad Kahn said his rivalry with Masood Aslam is very old. Aslam has had many ups and downs in her life. However, despite this, he has compassion for Pakistan and its people and represents the feelings of the masses. He said that despite his political opposition to former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, there is still a relationship of respect between them.

Masood Aslam said that the purpose of writing an autobiography was to present to the masses many events and realities that had been kept secret or escaped the eyes of the common man. “I wrote many incidents that happened before me, considering my observations and experiences, I tried in this book to have a translation of the sections that are not mentioned anywhere.”

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