OneAsia Unveils OAsis High-Performance Computing Solution, Turning Data into Intelligence

OneAsia is the 1st colocation service provider to offer HPC solution in hong kongimproving that of Hong Kong positioning as an international center of innovative technology and contributing to the Chinese government’s construction of a national computer network

HONG KONG, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OneAsia is proud to launch an OAsis High Performance Computing (HPC) solution, the first of its kind in hong kong. OAsis is expected to enable computation and simulation of complex data to advance academic and industrial innovation, which in turn will improve that of Hong Kong positioning as an International Center for Innovative Technology.

Earlier this year, the National Development and Reform Commission China proposed the construction of 8 national computing hubs and 10 national data center clusters, including a hub in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). This is part of the country’s Eastern Data and Western Computing (東數西算) project, which aims to meet computing demands in the east of the country. China with computer resources in the western areas. OneAsia is inspired to increase computing power in hong kong to support the Greater Bay Area’s computer network, playing a role in “GBA Data and Hong Kong Computing” (粵數港算).

In addition to the national computer network initiative, the R&D capabilities of hong kong has also seen growth in recent years, with new R&D centers being built for scientific discovery and industrial innovation, which has led to increased demand for cloud computing and secure data management services. Business and academic entities now urgently need a unified platform to efficiently manage data infrastructures, access data applications flexibly, and perform cloud computing securely.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing general cloud services, OneAsia is now moving towards advanced cloud solutions to drive scientific and industrial innovation, especially in terms of fintech, DNA geometry and applications. of AI. OneAsia is the leading colocation service provider in hong kong to launch a cloud-based HPC solution. As an industry pioneer, OneAsia will advance the adoption of HPC infrastructure by end users through OAsis and boost enterprise supercomputing capability to achieve innovation excellence. OAsis will also help business entities improve adoption of agile IT and facilitate better resource allocation to reduce costs.

Unleash the potential of data with agile computing
OAsis enables customers to combine the agile, pay-as-you-go cloud experience with fully managed HPC systems. Customers can order the workload through a self-service portal to choose the optimal configuration and receive it quickly. It also offers customers a user-friendly interface for submitting jobs, issuing tickets, viewing and creating reports.

Harness the power of data with time and cost savings
The latest hardware technology and low-latency network fabrics combined with all-flash data storage devices allow HPC to perform massive computations in the blink of an eye. HPC’s powerful computing speed means less time and money. Plus, with cloud-based HPC, it’s also affordable for small businesses and startups, paying only for what they use and scaling as needed.

Turning Data into Innovation Excellence
HPC has been widely adopted as a tool for industrial innovation and academic research, especially projects involving big data and large-scale computing. OneAsia’s data center infrastructure is designed to handle a high-power-density, heat-dissipating HPC environment, thus capable of supporting cutting-edge research computing problems and helping industrial and academic institutions to achieve excellence in research.

“On the 30th anniversary of our parent company – Legan Group, OneAsia is introducing this hybrid computing platform with unparalleled flexibility and performance to deliver high-level processing power to customers,” said Charles Lee, Founder and CEO of OneAsia. “With OAsis, we are committed to delivering a perfect platform for high performance computing with rapid, seamless, scalable, and secure deployment for all industries across Asia.”

In addition to the HPC solution, OAsis is monitored and maintained by our in-house Enterprise Command Center and Security Operations Center (SOC) with round-the-clock support, which adds to the reliability of the services and aims to helping clients succeed with a comprehensive portfolio.

About One Asia
Founded in 2009, OneAsia is a leading provider of data center, connectivity and cloud solutions offering a full range of infrastructure, management, connectivity and application services to businesses of all sizes. The company operates leading data centers and offers services across Asiaincluding Greater Chinaand further expands its presence in Thailand, Japan and South Korea. OneAsia cares as much about the sustainability of the industry as we do about the reliability of our services, we integrate state-of-the-art and green technologies into our data center infrastructure and service solutions to keep our customers well-connected at all times and from anywhere . For more information, visit

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