OCL Vision is the first in the UK to offer a new laser treatment

OCL Vision surgeons in London have become the first in the UK to offer a new form of keyhole laser eye surgery offering improved precision and faster healing times.

The SmartSIGHT procedure, which can be used to permanently correct common vision problems such as myopia and astigmatism, uses an advanced laser, the Schwind ATOS – the first in the UK and one of the few available in the world.

The German-designed laser is used to make a small incision in the surface of the eye, through which a small disc of the cornea is removed. The painless procedure can be performed in minutes and allows the surgeon to precisely follow the patient’s line of sight. Because the incision is smaller than that made in traditional laser surgery, the healing process is also faster.

Allon Barsam, eye surgeon and co-founder of OCL Vision, said: “Laser eye surgery technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the sophistication – and wide range – of procedures now available allow specialist surgeons to offer each patient a treatment perfectly suited to their needs. .

“The SmartSIGHT procedure won’t be right for everyone, but for patients who play sports or need a quick recovery time, it may be preferable to more familiar forms of laser eye surgery like LASIK. Additionally, the minimally invasive nature of the procedure means that patients are less likely to experience dry eyes in the days following surgery than they would after LASIK.

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