New tech tells Revolver why Dianne was once the richest copper mine in the world

Revolver’s latest results from downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) and fixed-loop EM (FLEM) soundings from its Dianne copper project have detected an “exciting new anomaly” that the company says bears a conductive response identical to the famous (validated by drilling) very lens of high grade massive copper sulphide near surface.

Australia-listed Revolver Resources (ASX:RRR) says the team has identified a major and potentially significant new electromagnetic anomaly directly beneath the existing high-grade massive sulphide copper ore deposit at its province’s Dianne copper project. of Hodgkinson in Far North Queensland.

Much more to Dianne

After completing its Phase 1 drill program at Dianne, where diamond drill testing returned grades of up to 19.8% copper, Revolver now has both clarity and confirmation of the geology and geochemistry of shallower mineralization, opening up both the Dianne Massive Sulphide lens and the adjacent wider green hill.

The recently completed nine-hole downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) and seven line fixed-loop electromagnetic (FLEM) airborne and surface electromagnetic program around the existing Dianne pit confirmed the potential for the deeper conductive anomaly.

Combined DHEM and FLEM geophysical modeling provides confirmation of the boundaries and depth extent of the known Dianne massive sulphide lens in the near-surface zone that has been extensively tested and validated.

Modern tools exposing more of Dianne’s secrets

Revolver managing director Pat Williams said it was now just a matter of prioritizing further specialist geophysical work on the ground to better define the depth and shape of the anomaly.

“The Dianne Copper project – with multiple phases of systematic and modern exploration – is yielding remarkable results,” Williams said.

“In addition to commencing a more dedicated regional work program, we continue to examine around the existing Dianne pit and associated trending structures for upside potential.”

He says that RRR has built on the geological knowledge by adding additional advanced exploration activities.

“The recent combined downhole and surface electromagnetic program conducted around the Dianne pit revealed very interesting responses from the conductive anomaly, showing a conductive response identical to the known Dianne massive sulphide lens that we know it exists at shallower depths.”

Getting to know Diana

With a near-term focus on copper, RRR’s 100%-owned Dianne project was previously one of the richest operating copper mines in the world, producing 63,758 tonnes of direct-shipped ore at an average grade 22.7% copper (1979-83).

Located in the polymetallic Hodgkinson Province in North Queensland, this massive sulphide project is based on granted mining leases and has been the subject of very little modern, systematic exploration. Significant surface geology, IP geophysics and diamond drilling programs have already been completed with outstanding results.

“We are responding to these results by prioritizing additional new work to define priority drill targets in this anomaly during the next round of drilling which is scheduled to begin in the coming months.”

Revolver has now fully ramped up near-pit and exit exploration activities during this 2022 field season.

Work on the next stage (below) is already underway or planned for the coming months.

What is Dianne’s new work list?

  • Additional follow-up to surface EM study for new deeper conductive anomaly – August 2022.
  • Alteration of interpretation and targeting of Worldview 3 satellite imagery – ongoing.
  • Tenement scale Heliborne EM Survey – scheduled for July/August 2022.
  • Regional tracking of alteration targets and anomalies Heli EM Q3 2022.

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