Mom of boy with cancer worries about his treatment


JUST as her young cancer-stricken son is battling the disease, a mother from Tumpat, Kelantan now has another problem when the chemo port used to administer the drug weekly to the boy became faulty, Harian Metro reported.

Nur Hazirah Nordin’s five-year-old son Muhammad Al Afiq Hidayat was diagnosed with blood cancer before his second birthday.

“Since then, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia has basically become Afiq’s second home,” she said.

Nur Hazirah, 30, said her son’s chemo port had recently become infested with germs and could no longer be used, further straining his family’s finances.

“My husband earns an irregular income as a laborer while I’m just a housewife, so it’s very expensive for us to replace wearing chemo.

“I fear that if we are not able to find enough money to replace him quickly, Afiq may suffer long-term health complications,” she said, adding that her son had also lost his sight. from his left eye after coco peat accidentally got in. his eye when he was younger.

> ‘Every time it rains, it rains’ literally describes the situation an elderly couple in Kuala Krai, Kelantan, constantly face as the family struggles to keep water out of their dilapidated home every time it rains. ‘it is raining, Berita Harian reported.

Housewife Maznah Mat Hussin, 64, said she, her husband Mohamed Yaacob Abas, 70, and two of their six children lived in constant fear as they could not afford to repair their home by ruin.

“When it rains, we have to huddle under a few umbrellas to avoid getting soaked while being careful not to fall through the floor of our house as it rots after being exposed to the rain for so long,” a- she declared.

Maznah added that the two children living with them worked as gardeners with an uncertain income while the other four married children lived separately.

“I used to do kuih for a coffee for a living, but I couldn’t do it for over a month after my motorbike became inoperable following an accident with a Boar.”

She said the family were currently dependent on the RM500 monthly allowance from the Department of Social Welfare and hoped their crumbling house would be repaired by the authorities or volunteers.

> Dangdut singer Izzudiawaty Izzudin has demanded an apology from Noraniza Idris after accusing her fellow singer of defamation, Harian Metro reported.

Izzudiawaty, better known as Izzu, filed the accusation after a voice recording went viral on Wednesday.

She said the issue first arose after she and more than 100 other artists were invited to a WhatsApp group about a seemingly generous RM10 housing scheme, apparently run by a manager, and she expressed her doubts about the legality of the program.

“I was very upset after Noraniza suddenly scolded and slandered me in the group as if I had made a big mistake despite not providing any evidence to debunk my claims,” Izzu fumed.

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