Liverpool could be the solution to all Dembele’s problems

Ousmane Dembélé’s contractual situation with FC Barcelona is getting worse every time. Although Moussa Sissoko claimed that the forward has no closed deal with any other club, the truth is that his future remains open and the “heavyweights” of Europe know that there are no other players available on the market that have its characteristics.

Xavi Hernández wants the Frenchman to continue in the staff because he sees him as an attacking referent and a centerpiece of his sporting project. However, the postures for its renewal to arrive safely are more than distant. This is how both Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Bayern Munich became interested in him. Nevertheless, it seems that a new ‘girlfriend’ has entered the scene.

As he takes aim at the ‘SPORT’ newspaper, Liverpool would be interested in buying the services of the ‘Mosquito’ in the face of the possibility that Sadio Mané ‘changes tunes’ on the summer market. The Senegalese has been shrouded in rumors for a few weeks, planting him in the ‘orbit’ of Real Madrid and Bayern. Precisely all could form the plan of a seguidilla de traspasos, in which FC Barcelona would also be involved.

It’s all part of Barca signing Robert Lewandowski. The Pole wants out of Germany and the Bavarians, although unwilling to get out of his star, are reportedly considering removing ‘coupe’ from his sale within a year of him finalizing his deal. His game would leave a vacancy which could be filled by Mané, as the latest news broadcast by ‘Sport1’ claims that Julian Nagelsmann had to change his playing pattern to adapt it to the African. Finally, the incorporation of ‘Dembouz’ to the ‘reds’ would be the ‘guinda’ of the cake, completing a cycle in which all parties would be beneficiaries.

Chelsea, waiting

Those at Stamford Bridge expect the club to go through with their sale to burst into the traspasos window once the UK decides to lift sanctions. The ‘blues’ have in the ‘look’ of Vernon, being Thomas Tuchel the main valor of his incorporation. The German knows him from his time at Borussia Dortmund and knows the striker’s ability to sow danger in the rival area.

For its part, PSG would see its contract with “good eyes” in the face of the fall of Ángel Gave Maria. Nevertheless, Luis Fields, future sports director of the Parisian image, would have communicated to the cúpula of the club that it is not for the work to sign to the ‘7’ barcelonista in summer. This would be due to the emolumentos heights that its surroundings demand and to the wide record of injuries that accumulated in its five years in the Condal City.

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