Lenstownus Introduces A Variety Of Colored Lenses And KPop Idol For Customers

LENSTOWNUS, a leading eye care company, now offers a range of contact lenses, such as Korean Kpop idol lenses, colored lenses, and even natural color lenses to match customers’ interests and preferences.

Driven by innovation, the company has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for people who want to change their natural eye color. The company has also been a pioneer in bringing the latest contact lens color trends from Korea to customers around the world.

“Our product portfolio focuses on customer needs and preferences. We want our customers to feel comfortable with our products and happy with their purchase,” said LENSTOWNUS CEO. “We are committed to producing only high quality products that meet the highest standards.”

The company understands that Kpop idols like Taeyeon and Jennie are now globally popular with millions of fans around the world. Apart from their musical talents, Kpop idols are generally recognized for their beautiful eyes, a major part of their appeal. By introducing a series of contact lenses based on Korean Kpop idols such as Taeyeon and Jennie, the company hopes to help customers achieve eyes similar to those idols.

LENSTOWNUS Founder, “We get a lot of Kpop Idol lens orders in recent years. From Ajoo to Zico, people want to look like these superstars from head to toe. And that includes contact lenses that these stars Whether colored or uncolored, we often get requests like – we want the type of lenses that B-Bomb wears, so we have to go online and search the type of lens that the respective star wears and offer accordingly a similar version.

LENSTOWNUS not only responds to requests from customers who specifically want lenses that their Kpop idols wear; they also pay attention to the massive number of people who want different types of colored lenses, such as gray, purple, brown and many more. A company representative recently said, “Previously, people would order violet color lenses and natural color lenses it would make them appear as if they had gotten rid of their glasses. Now people want to let others know they wear contact lenses. We receive a range of requests for different colors and try to offer the most accurate version each time.

In addition to offering a range of colored contact lenses, LENSTOWNUS also stands out for two qualities:

● First, her contact lenses contain an ingredient that stabilizes the lipid layers of the eyes and prevents the film from tearing. As a result, people don’t feel uncomfortable even if they wear the lenses for hours. Brands that don’t use this ingredient often get complaints from customers that their eyes get itchy after a while. The Lens Pros founder says the ingredient is similar to that found in people’s eyes just before they’re about to cry. The tear-like substance keeps the eyes moist. Lens Pros replicates this substance and ensures that whichever lens customers choose, they can wear them for as long as they want without feeling itchy.

● Second, LENSTOWNUS lenses feature precision balancing. Precision Balance is a stability technology that provides on-eye stability for contact lens wearers. It provides crystal clear and stable vision. Lenses that lack this technology often require users to reach into their eyes and adjust the position of the lenses. It’s irritating, especially when people are driving, cooking, or doing something that requires high concentration.

In addition to the amazing features, LENSTOWNUS also stands out with its wide variety of lenses that allow customers to choose within their budget. For example, they have soft contact lenses, hard glass permeable contact lenses, extended wear contact lenses, disposable contact lenses, and specialty contact lenses, such as decorative contact lenses or Plano and orthokeratology contact lenses.

According to the company’s annual sales report, there is generally a high demand for soft contact lenses throughout the year. These lenses are made from soft, flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through the wearer’s cornea. A big reason why there is still a high demand for these lenses is that they are easier to fit than rigid glass permeable contact lenses. LENSTOWNUS uses lenses that come with silicone hydrogels that deliver more oxygen to the user’s eyes than when wearing glasses.

On the other hand, RGP lenses are resistant to deposit buildup and more durable. In fact, they are less expensive than their softer counterparts. In addition, they are easier to handle and do not break or tear. It depends on the user what kind of lens they want to wear. Some users even choose Kpop idol lenses in RGP versions. This does not apply to LENSTOWNUS employees. They are very experienced in responding to customer requests and that’s why they have an amazing reputation and reviews. More importantly, their high customer retention percentage speaks volumes about their reputation.

Once customers buy contact lenses from LENSTOWNUS, they may want to recommend the brand to their friends, relatives and colleagues. The brand prides itself on standing out from its competitors solely by the quality of its contact lenses and their longevity. This ensures that customers don’t feel like their investment isn’t worth every penny.

As for prices, it depends on the type of lenses customers choose. Kpop idol lenses are in demand now, and they can cost more than normal brown color lenses, gray colored lenses or soft contact lenses. Customers can get a free quote simply by calling the company and providing the reps with the details of the prescription. Representatives will get back to interested customers with a price list for the different types of lenses they have in store.

LENSTOWNUS is now a leader in the contact lens industry, thanks to its consistency in providing high quality lenses available in various colors.


Realizing the need for a contact lens brand that can meet customer demands, LENSTOWNUS was established in 2013. The company offers a range of contact lenses, such as Kpop idol lenses, colored lenses, and even contact lenses. natural color at attractive prices.

More information can be found at https://lenstownus.com.

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