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When Loni McComber started considering vision correction procedures, she assumed she would be a candidate for LASIK. After a comprehensive consultation at Vance Thompson Vision this spring, she learned that she had other options and that implantable contact lenses (ICLs) were the best solution for her eyes.

McComber’s ICL is best compared to a permanent contact lens. Her ophthalmologist implanted the collamer lens just behind the iris of her eye, correcting her nearsightedness (myopia). Its natural lens stays in its eye, so it can still focus at near, intermediate, and far distances while still leaving some depth of field like you do with a synthetic lens.

The procedure and recovery time was quick and painless. “I never felt any pain at any time. I expected at least some light sensitivity, but there was none,” McComber said.

McComber was prescribed glasses in first grade. Prior to her implantable lens surgery, McComber lived with 20/800 vision. Without her prescription glasses, she would hold objects inches from her face to see.

“Contact lenses made my eyes itchy, so I often avoided wearing them,” McComber said. His glasses never seemed sturdy enough either. “Even with the lens pressed close to my eye, I would need to squint to read the signs.”

Now McComber has achieved what she considers “perfect vision.” As soon as she wakes up, she can see – and see clearly. In addition, she earns extra time in the morning.

For McComber, choosing Vance Thompson Vision for its implantable lens was definitely the right choice. “Hands down the best place to go,” she said. “They have the best patient care I have had in my entire life. They make you feel like their first and only priority for the day.

McComber always adapts to the beauty of a clear and immediate vision. “Having perfect vision seemed so intangible, so now having perfect vision is like a dream come true,” she said.

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