KolkataKolkata, photographer Koushik Sen trains his lenses on four city models

Fashion photographer Koushik Sen believes that everyone has dreams, wishes and goals and sooner or later they get closer and closer to their realization. “I have a dream that has become a goal over the past two years. I believe that in most cases achieving a goal means accepting challenges in order to pursue dreams. My dream was and still is to become a great photographer and over the days it has turned into an ambition. I don’t want to be famous but I want to be good enough to have the opportunity to click on the pictures however I want. Also, I want to show people a different point of view and help them find a new world in just one photo. Being a photographer is the only way to capture and freeze priceless moments, ”says the young photographer.

Sen started out with portrait photography, capturing moments and emotions, and the positive reactions to his work gave him more satisfaction than pursuing nature photography. “I knew my future lay in fashion photography because I love interacting with people,” says Koushik, who learned photography professionally.

When Koushik clicks on the image, he always makes sure that there is perfect lighting against the object he is most aiming to highlight.

Sen has found his passion in fashion photography and enjoys exploring new styles and mixing them with traditional culture. “I am eager to find and show people through my photographs and these models, whose photos I submitted for this column, I have found them all hardworking and their confident eyes speak aloud of their passion,” said said Sen, who started to click. with Canon 600D and now uses Nikon D750.

Sen enjoys keeping up with the beat by learning all about photography, lights and software and enjoys watching Premier League games, traveling in the mountains, playing football and cricket with his friends, when not working. not.

Koushik can be contacted at 9674268961 or [email protected] Instagram:@koushik_sez

Moitry Sarkar

Moitry Sarkar | 30, height: 5ft 3in

A full-time model, Moitry enjoys casual outfits like jeans, tops, t-shirts and cocktail dresses. Her favorite colors include gray, white and black and she loves to wear cotton outfits. “For traditional occasions it must be a saree, especially looms with sleeveless blouses. I like the big silver and oxidized earrings. Makeup should be nude and light with lips in light pink tones.

Instagram: @missdecember

Payel Tarafdar

Payel Tarafdar | 25, height: 5ft 7inch

Model and actor, Payel prefers the classic white shirt, blue denim combo when it comes to casual wear in addition to long and short black and white dresses. For occasions, pujas, and formal gatherings, she likes to sport a chiffon or georgette saree with sleeveless or long-sleeved blouses. “I like to wear minimalist jewelry like dainty earrings or bracelets and when it comes to makeup, I like to keep the same very light and natural with nude lips and chicks highlighted in pink tones”, says the young model.

Instagram: @payel_tarafdar

Poulami Mondial

Poulami Mondial | 23, height: 5ft 6in

In full-time modeling and theater, Poulami enjoys casual western outfits for everyday wear and enjoys wearing denim tops, croptops, overalls, jumpsuits and cotton dresses. “My favorite colors are black, white and blue. For formal occasions it’s always a saree and I love to wear sarees in linen, cotton or silk depending on the occasion and the season. I prefer them in solid colors with deep neck sleeveless blouses and accessorize the whole look with chunky earrings. I keep the makeup extremely subtle with highlighted eyes, nude lips in beige tones, ”says the pretty youngster.

Instagram: @poulamicmondal

Sonali Roy

Sonali Roy | 40, height: 5ft 4in

A business by profession, Sonali loves modeling and wishes to pursue it seriously. “The demand for plus size models is increasing and I am very happy to be appreciated for my work as a model,” says the courageous Roy. For everyday wear, Sonali loves to wear pants and tops as she is on tour most of the time. But when she isn’t, she also likes to wear short cotton and lycra dresses, jumpsuits and even hot pants. “For formal occasions it’s always a saree in red, navy blue, or any dark shade. I like to wear different types of earrings and watches and for makeup I like to keep it simple and I love wearing lip shades in shades of brown or nude pink, ”she tells us.

Instagram: @sonali_plussizemodel

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