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Congressional support for people injured by J&J talcum powder

People injured by talc products suspected of causing cancer should be aware of the Texas Two-Step allegations made against Johnson & Johnson by some members of Congress. Dick Durbin, the US Senate Majority Whip, is targeting Johnson & Johnson and others. He claims that company assets are protected in a legal bait-and-switch arrangement when companies release products that cause irreparable harm to consumers.

Durbin argues Shell Company shields J&J from cancer claims

Durbin argued that J&J used a shell company to house its talc division to avoid consumer complaints. According to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Johnson & Johnson is using bankruptcy laws to avoid paying damages to people with cancer. The strategy also prevents them from taking their cases to court, delaying justice for many years, perhaps until they are far too sick to fight or until they die.

Effects of talcum powder: knowledge from J&J

During his speech to the Senate in February, Durbin claimed that Johnson & Johnson became aware that its talc products contained dangerous substances. asbestos. However, the company continued to market and advertise to adults for personal use and as baby powder for newborns.

Discovery documents show the company knew

Documents released during the discovery process appeared to confirm that the company knew asbestos was linked to cancer and was present in its product. Durbin said the company was seeking to dismiss more than 38,000 allegations that Johnson & Johnson was responsible for numerous cases of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.

Members of Congress write to the current CEO of J&J

Durbin, along with other members of Congress, presented a letter to Joaquin Duatonew CEO of Johnson & Johnson, in December 2021. Their question was whether he intended to continue to evade liability for people with cancer due to federal bankruptcy laws, or whether he would allow let the cases be heard.

Senator Durbin is monitoring the matter and was unhappy with J&J’s response in December 2021. The response continued to use questionable claims about providing benefits to those harmed by their products. Alex Gorskythe company’s former CEO, had also been contacted by members of Congress seeking a reason behind the company’s actions following gross harm to their customers.

Introducing legislation to close the bankruptcy loophole

Members of Congress supporting the letters to J&J presented a invoice in 2021 it would eliminate bankruptcy loopholes that companies use to avoid liability to harmed consumers. J&J’s projected sales could exceed $90 billion in 2022, and executives have not been silent about the company’s financial strength. Members of Congress who support Durbin in his fight to hold the powerful company accountable for injuries suffered by consumers who have been wronged by their products include Representative Richard Blumenthal, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi.

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