Ian Chappell represents Pakistan, says “Pak’s treatment of cricket”


Ian Chappell represents Pakistan, says “treatment of Pakistani cricket is very harsh” check why

Ian Chappell represents Pakistan. Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell said the gaps in international cricket programming came to the fore last month after New Zealand and England canceled tours to Pakistan.

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He also pointed out that no series is 100% guaranteed after even the fifth test between India and England was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. New Zealand had canceled its Pakistan tour while in the country and they decided to return home just before the first ODI after receiving a threat to their safety. England followed suit and the ECB cited “player welfare” as the main reason.

Ian Chappell represents Pakistan, says “treatment of Pakistani cricket is very harsh” check why

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“Cricket is only responsible on its own for the inflated and impractical schedule that the Covid pandemic has detonated like a leftover landmine. First, there was England’s withdrawal from a December 2020 ODI series in South Africa following a Covid outbreak. The pace of schedule breaks has picked up recently with India’s refusal to play the final test of the five-game series against England. This was quickly followed by New Zealand’s last minute pullout from a T20 series with Pakistan, prompting England to cancel their proposed male and female tour of that country, ”Chappell wrote in his column for ESPNcricinfo.

“There is no doubt that completing unhindered cricket tours during the pandemic is a precarious business. The simple act of surviving day to day is an accomplishment in today’s climate. Nonetheless, the treatment inflicted on Pakistan, in particular, appears to be exceedingly harsh, given the way they have selflessly toured other countries during the pandemic ”, he added.

Speaking more about how Pakistan has been treated unfairly, Chappell said: “Pakistan has now learned a lesson in the game that former England captain and accomplished host Tony Lewis has already eloquently explained on air. After a particularly arduous winter liaison session abroad, the England team quickly found themselves in difficulty after losing the first wickets in the first test of the summer. “Ah, that’s better,” chanted Lewis, “now the English players will understand the reality of the situation: it’s every man for himself.” Or, as it might be more correct to put it in modern cricket jargon: “It’s every man for himself. “

Ian Chappell represents Pakistan, says “treatment of Pakistani cricket is very harsh” check why

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“This is particularly the case in the dismal case of Afghanistan, where the formidable Taliban have more or less decreed that women’s sport is a no-no. This will more than likely result in his first test with Australia being canceled for the Afghanistan men’s team and his likely removal from test nation status. An international program that recently blossomed like a mushroom in the dark now looks like a block of Jarlsberg cheese with its trademark holes, ” he added.



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