Harry Kane transfer in January already seems the best solution for Tottenham and Nuno – Stan Collymore


Tottenham Hotspur held their own through the summer, with Daniel Levy refusing to sell Harry Kane on the cheap. But now, with Kane looking disinterested, Spurs are a tough place, especially for new boss Nuno.

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In pictures: Arsenal v Tottenham

Tottenham president Daniel Levy has my utmost respect.

There were times he got the best end of a chord that I hit in the air.

And one of those moments came during the summer when he didn’t let the richest club in the country bully him into selling him his star man.

But there can sometimes be frustration with characters like Levy, too, that they dig in their heels even when it might be okay for them to find common ground in a deal.

And he’s not letting Harry Kane join Manchester City in January, so this will be one of them.

We could see against Crystal Palace and Chelsea, and again on Sunday against Arsenal, that Kane’s eyes became glassy.

It’s like he’s thinking, “What’s going on?

Harry Kane in Spurs’ loss to Arsenal



It reminds me a bit of Romelu Lukaku towards the end at Manchester United and how Eden Hazard was in his ‘diving’ seasons at Chelsea.

Kane is not as demonstrative, not as obvious as the other players, but you can see he’s not quite right.

As such, opponents know he’s in trouble.

Then there are teammates, such as Heung-min Son, who will think, “Wait a minute, I did the tough jobs, worked my socks for years and just signed a new contract, so where is my love? ‘

The situation is not helping anyone in Tottenham and certainly not Nuno Espirito Santo.

As things are going, if it turns into a serious crisis, his job could be in jeopardy.

Pressure mounts on Nuno after horrific losing streak



But, whatever the next few weeks, he’s already able to say, “Daniel, you hired me to do a job here, but how can I do a job when the main man isn’t there? looks good, is this starting to impact other players?

“What if we got £ 100million, £ 105million for Harry?” Let me look at the options to be able to buy a Raul Jimenez, for example, let’s refresh things in two or three positions, which we could do with that kind of money ”.

And then we give him the tools he needs to have a good crack in North London.

City are clearly still on the hunt for a striker in January with rumors they will try to get Kylian Mbappe out of Paris Saint-Germain.

Kane will see stories like this on his phone and tell his agent-in-law, Charlie, “Tell City I still want to come.”

He could go there and in six months score 15-18 goals, a Premier League winner or Champions League winner medal and be happy.

Similarly City with their acquisition and the same Spurs and Nuno with their money and their replacements.

I feel a bit for Kane because he was left in the middle by both clubs and it’s not easy to take the finger off as some will tell him.

But Nuno deserves a fit and fully motivated squad and, although I hate to say it, because I hate the idea that money dictates, in this situation it would be the best thing for everyone involved if City got the English captain during the transfer the window reopens.

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