Glasses, contact lenses and eye health

As the show approaches, TO approached exhibitors to find out about their projects. Positive Impact and Bonavista Eyewear highlight what will be on their stands

100% Optical Exhibitor

The 100% Optical 2022 exhibit hall is expected to be filled with product launches, announcements, new research and countless networking opportunities.

In preparation for the three-day show, TOspoke to exhibitors about their plans for the show and what they expect to see in their areas. The full series, including speaker Q&As, can be found here.

Contact lenses, dry eyes and more: positive impact

Synerg Eyes Contact Lenses

SynergEyes iD will be exhibited on the Positive Impact booth

Positive Impact will host two booths at the show, one dedicated to Glasklar and the other promoting its contact lens and dry eye portfolios. The company will hold a program of product demonstrations during the three days of the show.

Nick Atkins, Managing Director, confirmed that NaturalVue 1day Multifocal and the new SynergEyes iD products will be the standouts among contact lens products.

“Positive Impact will also showcase our unique portfolio of best-in-class dry eye diagnostic solutions, including TearLab, InflammaDry and Mei-Cam,” said Atkins.

Among its portfolio of treatment options, HydraMed eye drops, Eye Nutrients Dry Omega supplements and Purifeyes will be featured.

Discussing what delegates should expect from the 100% Optical company, Atkins said TO “Supporting the independent sector is our primary mission. The vast majority of our unique product portfolio is not available from the retail giants. If that’s not reason enough to stop by and find out what Positive Impact can do for independent practice, I don’t know what is.

Glasses: Bonavista Optics

Bonavista Frames

Downton Abbey Eyewear by Bonavista Optics will debut at 100% Optical 2022, presenting its first collection

Joining 100% Optical for the first time, Bonavista Optics will launch its Bonavista Optics Downton Abbey eyewear internationally.

Talk to TO Discussing the plans for the show Bonnie J Ashley, President of Bonavista Optics, explained, “In 2021, we were pleased to introduce our first two limited edition sunglasses designs, ‘1912 Downton’ and ‘1926 Downton”, as well as a line of eyewear accessories.

“We are now delighted to present the first of our Downton Abbey frame collections, reflecting the characters of the Crawley family. In honor of April 29 United Kingdom Downton Abbey: A New Eraversion, we will have some more surprises for you at 100% Optical.

Bonavista Optics has also been tasked with designing and distributing additional franchises, Ashley said. TOadding, “Watch for our exciting announcements ahead.”

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