FIFA 23 First XI SBC Solution

The FIFA 23 The First XI SBC solution can be quite difficult to figure out on your own, especially if you want to do it as cheaply as possible, but luckily we can help. Although they became untradable this year, the intro rewards Fifa SBCs are always worth doing early in the game to give you a boost. So if you want to find out FIFA 23 First XI SBC solution, then be sure to read the rest of this how-to.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC Objectives

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If you want to complete the FIFA 23 First XI SBC, then you will have to complete the following squad objectives:

  • Leagues: Exactly 11
  • Player level: Exactly gold
  • Rare players: at least seven
  • Chemistry points per player: At least two
  • Total Team Chemistry Points Minimum 27
  • # of players in the team: 11

There are a lot of different variables you have to juggle here, but if you’re confused or stuck, we’ve happily got you covered with the solution below.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC Rewards

FIFA 23 First XI SBC Rewards
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Fill the FIFA 23 First XI SBC will give you a single Rare Players Pack (not tradable)which holds an equivalent value of 50,000 coins, and will net you 12 rare gold players, which can be a real bonus for your club.

As the FIFA 23 First XI SBC is only a quarter of the entire Hybrid Leagues SBC group, there is an additional bonus reward you will get for completing this.

To do this you will need to complete First XI, alongside Give Me Five, Seven-League Boots, The Whole Nine Yards. In the end, it will give you a Rare Gold Players Jumbo Pack (not tradable)which would otherwise cost you 100,000 coins and has 24 rare gold players inside.

FIFA 23 First XI SBC Solution

FIFA 23 First XI SBC Solution Team
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Check out the full list of players below to complete the FIFA 23 First XI SBC:

  • GK: Benitez (PSV)
  • RB: Montiel (Seville)
  • CC: Medina (RC Lens)
  • CC: Izquierdoz (Sporting Gijon)
  • KG: Casco (Flat River)
  • RM: Palace (Panathinaikos)
  • CM: Fernandez (Benfica)
  • CDM: Palace (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • CM: Pereyra (Udinese)
  • ML: Velasco (FC Dallas)
  • ST: Alvarez (Manchester City)

Compared to the FIFA 23 Around the World SBC solution, the First XI SBC is not only more restrictive, but also much more expensive. Most players will be around the standard price of 400 coins for non-rare and 1000 coins for rare, but there are a few that have gone up a bit.

Montiel, Medina, Casco, Palacios, Fernandez, and Alvarez are the ones to watch price-wise, like if you can buy them for less than 3,500-4,000 coins, you’ll be able to make the SBC slightly cheaper.

You will also need to incur a separate cost to pick up a position modifier for Palacios, turning it from an RW card to an RM, otherwise the SBC cannot be completed.

In general, however, the overall estimated cost for the FIFA 23 The first XI SBC is 24,550 piecesbut it can vary by around 4,000 coins depending on your luck.

So, that concludes this guide on the FIFA 23 First SBC XI walkthrough, giving you the objectives, rewards, and cheapest team needed to complete the SBC. Why not check out the FIFA 23 soundtrack, so you can put names to the songs you’ve heard.

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