Eye lenses designed with dramatically reduced halo effect

halo glasses

Extended depth of field and multifocal lenses, including contact and intraocular lenses, tend to create a halo effect in certain lighting conditions. It can be distracting and even dangerous, especially at dusk and at night when looking at light point sources such as traffic lights. Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel have found a way to dramatically reduce this halo effect without making lens manufacturing more difficult.

The technique requires precise smoothing of structures on the surface of the lenses. This was achieved by initially building a mathematical model of how light should pass through the lens, followed by digital simulations, and then actually creating the lenses. These were then implanted in 16 volunteers who evaluated the halos they saw. Impressively, the results demonstrated a substantial reduction in halo size compared to commercially available lenses.

Study in Optical Communication: Design of reduced halo ophthalmic lenses…

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