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We at Shreyas Webmedia Solutions (SWS) thank Mr Ankit Tannathe founder of trueinfor this interview opportunity. Mr. Ankit Tanna (AT) deals with various aspects such as the mission and objectives of the company, plans for growth and expansion of the company and many more.

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SWS: What is Truein and how does it help organizations?

TO: Truein is a facial recognition-based time and attendance solution for the contract and distributed workforce.

Truein helps organizations plug revenue leaks by eliminating irregularities such as punches, bad punches, overtime miscalculations, reconciliation issues, and more.

Additionally, Truein reduces late arrivals and unscheduled absenteeism. It also comes with over 70 customizable policies. All this helps to increase the productivity of the workforce.

The solution also helps to optimize labor utilization. Automated shift scheduling, weekly rotations, task mapping and analytics features are designed to achieve the same goal.

SWS: What is the objective behind the launch of Truein?

TO: We launched Truein to solve time and attendance issues for remote contract and deployed staff.

During my previous company, I met several of my clients and their administrative and HR managers. During the discussions, I learned about the difficult areas of time and attendance management for contract and remotely deployed staff.

As most of these staff members were temporary and changed frequently, a common problem was signing them up for attendance. Sometimes personnel reported directly to the site and administrators had to manually synchronize records between sites. I also noticed a lot of manual steps involved in payroll timesheet calculations. It was tedious and error-prone.

Existing presence solutions were not centralized and foolproof. The problem is multiple when the staff is distributed on the customer sites with different policies for each of these sites.

These issues had a direct impact on labor productivity and also caused revenue losses.

SWS: What are the different solutions you offer to companies?

TO: Truein offers a time and attendance management solution based on facial recognition.

Truein runs an AI-powered time and attendance facial recognition system, which provides virtually 100% robust and accurate presence, even with a mask on or with changes in facial features. Truein is mobile/tablet based and comes with geofencing.

Truein is designed specifically for a contract and distributed workforce and addresses several challenges they face.

It offers centralized controls and a real-time view of multiple sites. It has over 70 policies that can be customized by location or staff category. You can easily manage shifts, overtime, late grades, weekly holidays, vacations, etc. Truein also generates accurate and transparent payroll-ready reports for payroll processing.

SWS: How will digital transformation and employee management transform businesses in the coming years?

TO: When it comes to time and attendance, the move from manual to digital has saved time and effort, brought transparency, and improved workforce productivity.

Manual attendance systems have several limitations. Time entry isn’t always accurate, staff can forget to check in or out, and fist bumps between friends are common.

Manual attendance also makes it easy for employees to take time off without proper documentation, and reconciling each month end is difficult, resulting in lost revenue for the organization.

A digital time and attendance system like Truein’s will truly transform the way your organization operates.

Truein is contactless and allows contactless compliance entry. It provides accurate attendance capture, prevents friend punches, and automates overtime, shift changes, weekly vacations, and more.

Additionally, it simplifies the onboarding process, a significant issue faced by organizations with contract staff.

With Truein, the attendance process is streamlined, resulting in better control, optimal labor utilization, and increased staff productivity. In addition, an automated system reduces the risk of human error and brings transparency and ease of use.

SWS: How many employees work with Truein, and what ethics do you have for your employees?

TO: We are currently a team of 25 full-time employees and a few consultants and freelancers work with us.

SWS: Why is time management at the heart of companies?

TO: Time management is a priority for all businesses, regardless of size or structure. When a company practices good time management, follows the right processes and uses the right tools, it can consistently increase workforce productivity.

Time management isn’t just about compliance. Instead, it is directly linked to labor productivity.

Especially when it comes to staff working in multiple or distributed locations, the accuracy of time and attendance is a challenge.

Truein helps bring transparency and make informed business decisions, which further leads to better workforce planning and optimized workforce utilization.

SWS: Could you please let us know your thoughts on your future plans and expansions?

TO: We plan to increase Truein’s reach globally and help solve time and attendance issues for companies that have a low to medium-skilled workforce.

SWS: Can you tell budding entrepreneurs about your early challenges as founder and CEO of Truein?

TO: I realized that it is difficult to build a core team to work with you. Achieving product market fit is another challenge. Also, it’s important to stay focused on the product roadmap based on your ideal customer profile.

SWS: What is your message to young people and our readers?

TO: Think long-term, but keep an eye on the small intermediate steps. A thorough understanding of your target market and customer profiles will help keep your product roadmap in the right direction.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from the people around you when you encounter a problem. More often than not, people are willing to help in some way. On a personal level, having a close group of friends helps me deal with difficult situations and setbacks.

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