Engo Eyewear Unveils Smart Sunglasses With Lenses That Display Real-Time Data So You Can “Keep Your Eyes On The Road”

Engo Eyewear has announced the launch of its new line of sports sunglasses that allow cyclists to view real-time performance data without looking at the bars, providing up to 12 hours of use to cover endurance rides all day and entering at a respectively light 42 grams.

The USP of these sunglasses is their ActiveLook technology, which, according to Engo Eyewear, “seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art AMOLED micro-displays with high-definition optics to project the user’s critical performance data directly into their eyes. field of view “.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen wearable connected technology used in cycling eyewear. We took a look at Everysight’s Raptor goggles, for example, which came with built-in GPS, HD camera, microphone, speakers for music, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. ‘a head-up display. However, battery life, 101g weight, and 699lbs were notable issues.

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Engo Eyewear promises to achieve this without obstructing vision, even in low light conditions. “The head-up display also provides a safer experience for the athlete, as they won’t have to take their eyes off the road to see their performance measurements,” adds Engo Eyewear.

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AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is typically used in smartphones.

“With AMOLED displays, each pixel emits a greater amount of light improving the clarity and visibility of the screen in all lighting conditions,” explains Engo Eyewear.

This ActiveLook micro-display technology won an innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021.

Engo Eyewear works with bike computers, GPS watches, smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices to show performance data right in front of your eyes. Well, “[the] the data appears to be floating about 5.5 feet in front of the user, ”explains Engo Eyewear.

With the mobile app paired with Engo Eyewear, users can customize their viewing experience and view details such as heart rate, elapsed time, speed, power, distance, and altitude – you can choose to view the data that is important to you, and you can even change that halfway through.

Contactless operation allows riders to simply wave their hand in front of the lenses to switch between different data displays on the move, says Engo Eyewear.

These smart glasses aren’t just smart, NXT photochromic lenses are designed to instantly adjust screen brightness to changing lighting conditions, providing clear vision as well as 100% UV protection.

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Engo Eyewear claims that its frames are impact resistant and made with 3D printing technology using polyamide – this allowed the brand to create a lightweight package, the glasses weigh 42 grams.

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The flexible thermoplastic temples and nose are both adjustable, and Engo Eyewear claims their 100% fit guarantee ensures a comfortable and secure fit, as well as a clear view of user data.

Do you want your driving data to be constantly overlaid on the campaign you are driving? The Zwift online cycling platform recently did the opposite by introducing a Hide Display feature which is meant to let you exercise without distraction, and that’s just to see the virtual landscape around you. .

Engo Eyewear is offering its new smart sports eyewear for the introductory price of $ 397 (~ £ 290) and for a limited time, athletes can enjoy an additional savings of $ 60 (~ £ 44) with the code TrainWithEngo at www .engoeyewear.com.

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