Elbit TORCH-X Solution for Canadian DND

Elbit Systems UK will supply the TORCH-X combat management solution for the Canadian Airspace Coordination Center modernization project.


Press release, London, March 14, 2022: The Canadian Department of National Defense has selected Elbit Systems UK to provide a TORCH-X based solution as part of the Airspace Coordination Center Modernization (ASCCM) project.

The project requires the delivery of a system based on digitized information for air situational awareness and improved coordination and management of airspace at headquarters. The solution to be provided will be provided to the Canadian Military Headquarters for Land and Joint Command to support air missions and Joint Task Force operations.

As part of the project, Elbit Systems UK will provide a joint aerial version of its TORCH-X based Battle Management Application (BMA) which will provide situational awareness by continuously displaying a local or recognized aerial image, enabling effective coordination of air assets. in a complex land and joint battlespace. The system will be operated using Elbit Systems’ E-CIXTM open architecture framework which will enable connectivity to legacy applications and Canadian Armed Forces tactical data links while enabling future integration of new applications into the system. supporting the Canadian Armed Forces digital transformation plan.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK, said: “The choice of the BMA solution based on TORCH-X underlines the strength of the partnership between the Five Eyes nations and highlights the quality and reliability of our control systems and multi-domain control.


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