ECRID/ResMac Mortgage Reaches Deal That Can Change the Entire Credit Industry

PALM BEACHFlorida , May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ECRID, Inc. (Ticker: ECDD) and ResMac Mortgage have partnered to help millions of Americans become homeowners who are having difficulty obtaining mortgages or refinancing existing mortgages in the current economic climate. ECRID, the new credit bureau, offers the tools and resources to help Americans take control of their financial destiny to become financially stable and build wealth. Through the ECRID platform customers can register and create their own ECRID credit report and apply for a mortgage through ECRID Lending Corp. and begin their journey to financial health.

ECRID came to market to transform the financial life of every American who needs a second chance at becoming creditworthy. The company has created an innovative fintech platform that provides individuals and families with the ability to regain their financial footing and build wealth despite prior bankruptcy, judgment, collections or lien. Second chances have been created to ensure the financial health of every ECRID member through this innovative new fintech platform.

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