DC Villains Who Still Need The Video Game Treatment

While Marvel and DC Comics have been battling for decades over who has the best lineup of superheroes, their respective rogue galleries have continued to expand and grow exponentially. Now, both companies have a long list of villains, many of them unknown, but many of them beloved. Many of DC’s most popular villains still don’t get their own video game adaptations.

While the vast majority of DC villains were included in the last LEGO game, LEGO DC Super Villains, getting a full-fledged AAA video game is no easy task. That said, with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hopefully, the gaming audience might be ready to experience a classic superhero game from the opposite perspective.


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Mortal Blow

Leaked Mortal Kombat 11 DLC

Deathstroke, aka Slade Wilson, is one of DC’s most popular mercenaries. First appearing as a villain for the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has appeared in a series of Batman and Justice League stories over the years, as well as The CW. Arrow show as a main antagonist. Deathstroke has become so popular, in fact, that Marvel’s Deadpool (Wade Wilson) began life as a parody of DC’s elite assassin.

A potential Deathstroke game could go a number of ways. The game could be a simple third-person shooter, where players are tasked with taking down unruly gangs for various DC crime bosses, or the game could be a Arkham spin-off, the mechanics being already present in Origins of Arkham‘Deathstroke DLC.

Alternatively, a Hitman-style game may be more suited to Deathstroke. Players could be assigned a target at the start of a mission, starting with DC’s C-list heroes and progressing to members of the Justice League at the end of the game. Each hero has their own weakness for the player to exploit, and each environment is distinct, allowing for good replayability. Different types of bullets could be used for different enemies, like Kryptonite for Superman/Supergirl, and freezing bullets for speedsters like The Flash.

The Joker

The Joker in Batman: Arkham Knight

fans of the Arkham games have already had a brief glimpse of what a potential Joker-centric game could be. A psychological horror seems to be the only real choice for the crazy Clown Prince of Crime. Arkham KnightThe final moments of seeing players take control of Joker in a brief but terrifying first-person shooter segment in which Joker navigates a maze filled with moving Batman statues, and Arkham RV experiments a bit with first-person horror, putting the player in the shoes of Joker for just a split second as Batman hallucinates.

A Joker-focused game could absolutely work, but it should fully embrace that element of psychological horror present in previous games and deliver a mind-blowing, introspective, and haunting experience. In terms of gameplay, a simple “walking simulator” might suffice, as long as the game’s narrative elements were compelling.


Bizarro Superman comic book page

A character who started life as Frankenstein love letter, Bizarro is essentially the reverse of Superman. Appearance-wise, Bizarro has the same outfit as Superman, but the design is reversed and the colors are changed. When it comes to powers, Bizarro has the exact opposite abilities of Superman. Instead of heat vision, Bizarro has frozen vision, instead of frozen breath, Bizarro has flame breath. While Superman can see through anything but lead, Bizarro can only see through lead.

While a good Superman game is yet to come out, Bizarro could make for a pretty hilarious stand-in. By firmly adopting an absurdist and humorous tone, a Bizarro game could double down on the ridiculous nature of the character while still delivering much of the gameplay people still crave from a non-existent Superman title.

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judgment Day

Doomsday in DC Comics

The villain best known for killing Superman, Doomsday would be a perfect fit for a purely destruction-focused game. Taking inspiration from the competition, a potential Doomsday game could bring the chaotic fun of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction to modern consoles.

The plot wouldn’t need to be too deep, maybe even be as simple as opening with a Doomsday/Superman fight, resulting in an Earth without Superman for players to jump and destroy. Ultimate DestructionThe physics of were impressive back in the day, so modern engines should be able to blow players away with the amount of carnage they are capable of inflicting.

black mantis

black manta aquaman movie

Often considered the main antagonist of Aquaman, Black Manta could make for an interesting action/adventure game. Although he’s essentially just a mercenary, Black Manta’s wide array of gadgets and weaponry would make a good base for a solid third-person action title. Black Manta’s grappling hooks and diving gear could make for interesting traversal mechanics, both on land and underwater.

Black Manta’s proficiency in melee combat could also make for quite varied and engaging third-person combat. Tridents, spears, swords, and some ranged harpoon gadgets could all be used to spice up a game’s potential combat encounters, as could a variation of human and Atlantean enemies, each with their own specific weaknesses.


Darkseid in DC Comics

The greatest villain of them all, Darkseid is widely regarded as the Justice League’s most dangerous foe, and his lack of appearances in video games is rather surprising. In addition to appearing in Injustice 2 as a playable character and the aforementioned LEGO games, DC fans have never really had a chance to take control of the galaxy’s most powerful tyrant.

Darkseid has a host of powers and abilities that could make for a superb play of power and fantasy. As the New God, Darkseid is nearly invulnerable and has virtually every power a player could want in a video game. Flight, telekinesis, super strength, energy manipulation, and dimensional travel are all part of Darkseid’s repertoire.

One of Darkseid’s most well-known abilities, his Omega Beams, would make for a pretty compelling video game on their own. God of the warThe Ax Leviathan is still being talked about two years later for being one of the most engaging and satisfying mechanics in a video game, the eye beams that can be controlled by the player, if done right, could potentially be even more satisfying to use. And with Darkseid’s army of Parademons, perhaps a potential game could succeed where brutal legend Failed and offers third-person action gameplay along with elements of real-time strategy and army management.

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