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“Teacher, it’s as if I was dreaming. I don’t know what to say and do to thank God for the good work he has done for me through you. It was in July 1999 that I saw a strange face in my dream who fed me and later informed me that it was human flesh he was feeding me. I started vomiting in the dream and woke up still vomiting. Everyone around me was scared. From that day on, I became mysteriously ill to the point that I lost everything due to the treatment. For 14 years I knew no peace and suffered from a disease that doctors could not detect. Someone helped me to get your oil, and also helped me to say the prayers. Dad, I’m a happy man today. I didn’t know that God could heal me through your oil, nor did I know that a friend who owed me was responsible for my problems. Sir, I used the oil as you requested. After eight days I noticed that my stomach was upset and I immediately threw up the exact same thing I had eaten in the dream many years ago. Today I am completely cured, fit for anything. Second, man of God, a friend of mine later confessed to being the cause of what happened to me and today he is very down with the same disease. I want you to help him so he doesn’t die, please.

– Damien Ogu, 08123551778 (This testimony was posted a while ago and re-posted here to strengthen your faith)

One woman in particular shared her experience with me a few weeks ago. She said she had visited a man who claimed to be working for God, for the solution to her problem. The man, after having slept with the woman, anointed his sex with demonic oil. The woman who visited the man for two things to be taken care of by the Lord through the self-proclaimed man of God confessed to me that she was hypnotized into having illicit sex with him , adding that the “man of God” knew that she had acquired material possessions and decided to consolidate his manipulation on her life.

In his words, “Prof, I thought he was a real man of God, until he started to manifest demonic qualities. While he was sleeping with me, I noticed a strange thing that happened to me. happened. I started bleeding seriously. It continued until six days when it stopped. He was still having sex with me while I was bleeding within six days. In fact, I never knew what was happening to me till the end of the six days I went to see him here in Lagos for womb blessings my 15 years of marriage had been in vain although my husband was not worried J I have a nice man with me. I also confessed my affair with “the man of God”. am always seen having sex with a snake as soon as I close my eyes to sleep? Again I noticed an object inside my private part, bad dreams, but the man said that he had none finished with me…”

Still on the question of the woman who shared her experience with me when visiting a satanic and demonic ‘man of God’, she was amazed at what she saw and how it made her to suffer. For those who have forgotten, the woman visited a man who claimed to work for God but, instead, was an agent of darkness. He hypnotized the woman who visited him to find the solution to his problem and had illicit sex with her to further his nefarious goal.

As a result, the woman started noticing strange things with her as indicated in last week’s edition of my column. The illicit sex caused her to bleed profusely, at the same time that the man still had her with her. After this encounter, she kept having sex in her dream world with a snake. This kept her in a painful state until she read my column and therefore spoke to me on the phone.

After listening to her, I was moved to pray for her first by counseling her over the phone. At the same time, I recommended another type of oil, which took me 18 months to dedicate. She ordered it right away. She did not know this column in the newspaper, if she had known of this column, she would not have been a victim of the false pastor. The Lord visited her during the prayers she was saying with the oil.

Four days between periods of using the oil, she confessed to me via text message that the object moving inside her body had passed out during excretion and she was very happy and wondered how such a demonic object as the wall gecko had entered into her. At this point, I want to implore my reader to get a copy of my book, titled “Satanic Touchpoints” Vol. 1. The book explains how such an object can get into any person.

God will send an answer to his problem and by the grace of God his 15 years of barrenness must come to an end and his testimony must be published in this column. One thing that every reader of my books or articles should keep in mind is that God answers prayer in different ways; he is the author of life and the finisher of it.

Let it be emphasized here, however, that no matter how misguided you have been in seeking help where there is none, an opportunity is offered to you here to truly acknowledge the King of kings and the Lord. of the lords, the only spiritual leader of the whole universe, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is now ready to welcome you into his kingdom by taking you out of your pitiful condition and bringing you into his royal chambers of hope , transformation, glorious love, divine favor and salvation.

I will continue to emphasize that the physical earth is a realm of psychic attack inherent in the esoteric manipulation of the operation of sorcery. This psychic manipulation devised by the arch-deceiver [“the god of this world” 2 Cor. 4:4] Satan and his followers are demonic, metaphysical and abstract in reality. In the advancement of esoteric craftsmanship Satan and his agents eventually become one, but in their operation they vary.

There are now five kinds and types of witchcraft, namely: black witches, white witches, Kali witches, Abra Melin witches and blind or garden witches.

Know that the black, white, Abra Melin Kali witches all operate at the conscious level while the blind or garden witches are people who are used by the other four witches. They are called blind witches or garden witches. Suffice it to say that from now on we will start using the name garden witches instead of blind witches. They are called garden witches by cosmic actors because their bodies are used by witches on a conscious level as a garden for performing demonic experiments. Some so-called men of God, who work for the devil in disguise, operate at the conscious level of the realm of witchcraft. They are sent by the devil to populate hell by administering a false solution to anyone who receives it from them.

When a false solution is received in this regard from an agent of darkness, the person who receives it becomes initiated into the satanic realm of occultism without his knowledge. As a result, the comrade can be used by any witch anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Just as a farmer or a gardener uses his garden without any resistance from the garden, so conscious witches use the garden witches anyway without any resistance.

NOTE: This exhibition is not designed to give us a historical overview of the witches already mentioned, but aims to expose different systems, skills and methods used by the false prophets to enslave mankind.

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