Cork woman in ‘Life of Death’ battle for eating disorder treatment

A young woman who is in a battle to the death for treatment for her eating disorder has been inundated with donations.

Lisa Murphy’s friends were alarmed at the impact of bulimia on her and worried that she would not survive the disease, so they set up a GoFundMe page.

In less than 48 hours, the page received more than two thousand donations, which brings it closer to its goal of € 60,000 to pay for a 12-week treatment program.

Lisa Murphy says having an eating disorder left her wanting to kill herself Photo: Lisa Murphy / PA Wire

The Cork woman is desperate for help after failing to get treatment with HSE despite a widespread demand for help after attempting to kill herself.

There are only three beds in the public sector to treat bulimics.

The 31-year-old admitted: “I have attempted suicide several times and I guess this year was the first year I really thought, if I don’t die with my own hands, then this disease will end it physically, ‘she said.

“I really feel the physical consequences of this last year, more than ever. My body is just not functioning properly.

“I really don’t remember the last day I had that I didn’t consider just ending it. It’s constant. When I wake up in the morning my first thoughts are, ‘Oh, my God, another day. Like, I can’t do that, ”she told the Irish independent.

She said she was “shocked” to have turned 31 after struggling with bulimia since she was a teenager.

Eating disorder Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy has opened up about her battle with her eating disorder Photo: Lisa Murphy / PA Wire

She described the 12-week treatment program as the only chance she had to face an illness that made her sick dozens of times a day.

She said she was making herself so badly that her eyes would be bloodshot and she would almost pass out from the pain of the laxative abuse.

She told the newspaper, “I feel the loneliness in my chest, it’s like a physical pain. It’s such a lonely existence.

Her friends who describe Lisa as the ‘one of the most bubbly, friendliest people you will ever meet, ”say they were forced to fundraise after spending time with Lisa.

“There were only three of us in a small hotel room, going pretty much 24/7, so we witnessed firsthand his life,” they wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“It was shocking and very upsetting to witness and at one point we really thought she was dead.”

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