Colleagues congratulate Murphy, Batavia’s Director of Treatment, on 25 years of dedicated service to GCASA

Firmly anchored in a profession where compassion and knowledge go hand in hand, Shannon Murphy, Director of the Treatment / Batavia office at Genesee / Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, stands out from the crowd.

“Shannon is more committed and dedicated in this field than anyone I have ever seen,” said GCASA Executive Director John Bennett, scoring the Murphy’s Longevity Award as a 25-year employee. of the nonprofit agency on East Main Street.

“She loves patients. It is his strength and his gift. She is always there for her team, the agency and the people she serves.

Murphy (photo on the right) was one of 14 GCASA employees to receive longevity awards, ranging from 25 to five years with the company.

Not the type to be in the public eye, she said she “was so grateful” for her work and her colleagues.

“I love everyone here,” she said. “It has been an honor. “

Treatment manager Kathy Hodgins, who has worked with Murphy for the past 20 years, called her colleague a “game changer.”

“She’s the most loyal person I’ve ever met – my comedic relief (noting Murphy’s quick wit) – and sincere and genuinely compassionate,” Hodgins said.

Others recognized for their longevity were:


  • Liz Riter, Director of Corporate Compliance / Quality Assurance, Batavia office;
  • Lisa Schutt, Chemical Dependency Advisor, Batavia office.


  • Holly Main, deputy director of processing, Batavia office;
  • Sue Murphy, RN, Batavia / Albion offices.


  • Sarah Millen, Billing Clerk, Batavia office:
  • Shellye Dale-Hall, Prevention Educator, Batavia office.


  • McKayla Burvid, RN, Batavia office;
  • Beth Collee, Executive Secretary, Batavia office;
  • Gretchen Franke, Registered Nurse, Batavia / Albion offices;
  • Shannon Ford, Director of Communications and Development and Prevention, Batavia office;
  • Dawn Sagerman, Director of the Prevention Resource Center, Batavia office;
  • Gina Henry, prevention educator, Batavia office;
  • Matt Martin, Chemical Dependency Advisor, Batavia office.

Disclosure: Mike Pettinella is a publicist for GCASA.

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