Codeless PaaS Solution Provider BRICKS Launches Almighty Module for Building Custom NFT Frameworks and More

BRICKS, INC., A provider of codeless Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, launches its flagship product, BRICKS, a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface builder for creating custom frames of NFT (token not fungible). ideal for integration with commercial interactive applications.

An innovative way to present cryptographic art collections

In the digital age where transactions and authentication of digital asset ownership through blockchain continue to foster creativity, publishing large-scale artwork in the form of NFT is easier than ever. That said, when it comes to displaying all those much sought after NFTs, more effort is needed to create innovative solutions. This is where BRICKS comes in. A code-free display application development platform, BRICKS is fully customizable and specifically designed for the display of NFT digital collections. Think about animation, custom frames, and all the other cool stuff that will help bring your Bored Apes, CryptoKitties, Cyber ​​Sneakers, NBA Top Shots, and Gods Unchained to life.

BRICKS support platform

Create and style custom NFT frames in a snap

BRICKS offers a brilliantly versatile framework and interface creation tool for art collectors to showcase their unique NFTs. With BRICKS, users can design a dynamic CyberPunks style framework for their CryptoPunks. The comprehensive online editor includes all the animation design tools that users will need to create their unique NFT images. All frames can be personalized and displayed selectively by date or relevance.

Multifaceted no-code solution for designers, developers and merchants

BRICKS is a code-free platform module that can be used right out of the box, meaning even users with little to no technical knowledge can easily bring their creativity to life – without having to write a line of writing. coded. For traders, the benefits of BRICKS can be a game-changer as well. Designing a business application for edge systems, in most cases, requires a significant amount of energy and resources to be devoted to the design of the customer experience, the implementation of the interface, the integration of peripherals, technical deployment as well as functionality tests. That is why, for businesses and small businesses, BRICKS is an ideal solution for reducing costs and solving human resource issues.

WYSIWYG, global and economical

BRICKS has a WYSIWYG interface builder that is both user-friendly and intuitive to use; a programmable flowchart; an animation editor; a screen stitching system; remote device management features; and a CMS portal. It takes the DevOps process out of the equation for businesses, allowing marketers to launch their business ideas 60% faster.


Easy integration and wide compatibility

BRICKS is compatible with Android TV Box, Apple TV, iPads and even some smartphones, making it a suitable builder for billboards, kiosks, self-service machines, unsupervised edge systems, displays uniquely shaped advertising and splash screen systems. In addition, BRICKS can connect to a variety of software and hardware systems, such as IoT and peripheral devices, allowing easy integration and wide compatibility.

Easy integration

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Founded in 2020, BRICKS DAG, INC. is a unique platform as a service (PaaS) provider specializing in the design and development of codeless platforms for use with interactive business applications. The company’s key product, BRICKS, makes it easy for businesses and small businesses to build their own kiosks, dynamic digital displays, and low-cost vending machines without having to write code or hire an entire software development team. BRICKS believes in the power of change through innovative tools and technologies and is on a mission to provide more designer friendly solutions for the future of interactive displays.

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