Clairwood Hospital COVID-19 patient springs from exceptional treatment


The thought of going to a public hospital is intimidating for most South Africans. This is due to the poor quality of health care in most public health facilities.

Many shortcomings were noted by patients, such as poorly maintained infrastructure and facilities, lack of cleanliness, and reports of neglect from nurses, who have gained an unfavorable reputation for not being the most helpful.

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This is what Khabo Sithole, a recently fired human resources practitioner from Umlazi, expected to find after being admitted to Clairwood hospital earlier this month after testing positive for COVID-19 pneumonia. She had received a Johnson and Johnson vaccine two weeks previously.

Speaking recently to the corporate communications unit of the KZN’s Ministry of Health, Sithole recalled not having high expectations about his impending hospital admission, despite his illness. “I remember when I first heard that Clairwood Hospital was going to be used for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, I thought they were just going to put rows of beds in a large hall and give us nurses to take care of us. I thought it would be a linear, skimmed establishment, with a minimal level of care and service, ”she said.

To his surprise, this was nothing compared to the eye-opening experience that prompted his Facebook post, which has since gone viral. In the post, she wrote: “The whole time I’m here I get three meals a day, with protein, fiber and carbohydrates, and I’m given plenty of bottled water to drink throughout. the day. My seclusion room, with its own bathroom, was kept clean by friendly and professional cleaners. My bed was refreshed once a day. They even kept my phone charged at all times so I could talk to my 10 year old daughter Zoey when I felt fit. I was on 24 hour intensive care monitors for the first 10 days and was looked after by all kinds of different specialist nurses the whole time. I was seen by at least two doctors a day and received updates on my condition. I was also given a plan for the future so I know what to expect next. I was also encouraged to keep doing what they asked me to do and to keep praying.

She further shared that she received drug cocktails and even learned to sleep well and breathe well from physiotherapists and doctors. Sithole said the experience definitely opened his eyes and the facility made him feel like he was in a private hospital.

Reacting to Sithole’s heartfelt congratulatory post on Facebook, Health MEC Nomagugu Simelane said: They touch people’s lives in the deepest way. It really is a moment of pride.

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Such returns have been music to the ears of MEC Simelane, who has led from the front lines mounting a formidable war chest for the battle against COVID-19. This includes the recruitment of more than 15,000 contract employees, as well as the reconfiguration of many hospitals in the province. This also extends to the establishment of four field hospitals, Clairwood being one of them. MEC Simelane wished Sithole a speedy and full recovery.

“We wish him and all patients and staff infected with COVID-19 all the best. An experience like the one shared by Sithole is a drop in the ocean as the vast majority of our workforce are hardworking and dedicated people who wake up every day with the sole intention of helping those in need. We are very proud of the staff and management of Clairwood Hospital, as well as the infrastructure development team who delivered this world-class facility, and many others, in record time, ” said the MEC in closing.

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