CASEKOO iPhone 14 cases feature military-grade drop protection: Exclusive Tech Times review

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CASEKOO offers a range of premium iPhone cases, which they describe as having “military grade drop protection”, which I have to say is no exaggeration. Even though they lack style, cutting out the interesting colors and crazy designs, CASEKOO instead opts for a more comfortable and protective shape for its many iPhone protective cases.

The company’s best iPhone cases feature a strong magnet on the back, which can be used in tandem with the additional back clip. These make it easy for users to keep their phone secure and stable in their grip and just keep the phone in place. CASEKOO even offers a variant that comes with an iPhone stand, which makes watching movies on your device that much easier and stress-free.

With the next release of the iPhone 14 on the near horizon, starting as early as September 7, consumers looking to upgrade their cellphones will also need to update their protective case. Fortunately, CASEKOO already has several varied iPhone 14 cases ready for Apple’s latest product, including the ClearPrime, MagClear, MagicStand and KooShock, and the Andobil Easyfly double-sided magnetic phone grip, a more universal product.


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CASEKOO MagClear Series

CASEKOO MagClear cases for iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14 Pro Max have a few key points that rank them as the best iPhone cases for iPhone 14. In detail, I have described the qualities that set it apart from the competition.

Strongest Magnetic MagClear

CASEKOO claims that the magnetic force can reach 1.5 times higher than the conventional model and 2 times higher than the official model for this feature. The magnetic ring visible on the back which is firmly anchored and fixed with the phone case can easily magnetize with other objects, stack exactly on the ring and fuse together, so that it stays in place .

After all, with a strong N52SH magnet with 2400gf compared to N48 with 1200gf and N52 with 1600gf, there is no doubt about its magnetic strength. So it’s easy to attach to ALL MagSafe accessories, such as the MagSafe, MagSafe Vehicle Mount, MagSafe Wallet, MagSafe Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charging, etc.


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With the fewest magnets, it produces the strongest magnetic field. It’s 150% tougher than the previous generation and 200% tougher than Apple. As a result, the iPhone 13 and 12 series were hailed as the best sellers inside the transparent MagSafe case, receiving “Amazon’s choice” among the top 10 MagSafe search phrases.


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Top1 Anti-yellowing and long-lasting Crystal Clear

iPhone users have recognized CASEKOO MagClearLOCK series as the best cases for iPhone 11, 12 and 13 series on Amazon. As one of the best sellers on the market, the new range of best cases for iPhone 14 includes two unprecedented qualities:

The MagClearLOCK features the most Advanced trinity anti-yellowing technology, which uses the Filter, Fill and ReClear principle. The filter section with nanofiltration mesh limits the penetration of yellowing macromolecular chemicals. The CRYS-GELMT the revolutionary crystalline molecular filler takes up space, reducing the build-up of yellowing chemicals. The case is then re-erased using blue resin molecules re-erasing micro-yellowing chemicals that refresh it to clear.

The Crystal Clear appearance is due to Bayer’s high quality ultra-clear TPU and PC material. It is one of the most transparent and durable materials available on the market. CASEKOO has made sure to integrate it into its best iPhone cases so that we can appreciate the original look of the iPhone 14.

SGS certified military grade drop protection

The MagClearLOCK series has corner protection with AirPocketTM 2.0 corner airbags and a 3-layer bumper buffer structure. It also covers the iPhone 14 camera and screen with increased bezels of 2.5mm and 1.5mm, respectively.

As a klutz, when it comes to my phone, the backplane protection provides the safest hybrid explosion-proof rear shield, and CASEKOO reveals that it has passed 4,000 daily scratch tests, another testament to their dedication to make the best iPhone cases. Additionally, the GripGuardMT the non-slip line grips your iPhone firmly in the hand while providing superior touch sensitivity.

To make the experience more personalized, CASEKOO MagClearLOCK offers exclusive Pandakoo IP stickers suitable for their best cases for the iPhone 14 series.

Other CASEKOO products

If you are looking for the best iPhone cases with a transparent design, ClearPrimeMT iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14 Pro Max cases are on sale. It also has advanced anti-yellowing technology, so it stays clear no matter how long it covers your phone. Bayer’s German ultra-clear TPU and PC materials create a clearer look that will last for a long time. Like all of CASEKOO’s best iPhone cases, this case offers full military-grade protection with a streamlined Pi-Grip.MT non-slip design.


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It is paired with a fully lightweight, compact and foldable cell phone holder and another Kooda 1 sticker to complete the look.

Plus, CASEKOO KooShock iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14 Pro Max cases provide military-grade protection without adding bulk to your iPhone. It can keep fingerprint and smudge free, so you can show off your iPhone 14 daily. It uses shock-absorbing material with a new impact protection system, has been drop tested from 8 feet, and has a raised camera lip on the back to protect the lens from damage.


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The translucent matte back plate created by the three exquisite techniques of spraying, electroplating and overmolding can achieve zero smears and zero fingerprints, allowing the beauty of iPhone 14 to shine through. These best iPhone cases are available in different colors to complement the vibrant iPhone 14 series.

In addition to offering the best iPhone 14 cases, CASEKOO’s sister brand Andobil can also accompany phone cases with its Easyfly Dual-Sided Mag Phone Grip. The unique double-sided magnet not only firmly attaches to phones, but also attaches them to any magnetic object. The Easyfly offers sturdy support, allowing it to be rotated 360°, flipped 125° and placed horizontally or vertically.


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It’s easy to balance on a table or desk for a better viewing angle for movies and games. A solid grip feature is also built in if you want to make calls without dropping your phone.

As someone who can’t live without an iPhone case, as I drop my phone throughout the day, CASEKOO alleviates any potential stress during my daily commute. The built-in magnet keeps his iPhone secure in the case beyond simple plastic latches.

Also, even when I drop my phone at the most precarious angle, face down, I won’t have to worry about whether the screen has cracked or not, because CASEKOO products use a lip up, so the screen never touches the ground in such scenarios. Beyond their intense construction design, CASEKOO’s magnetic iPhone cases also prove to be rather affordable against some insanely expensive competitors.

The company celebrates its fourth year in business, proving its legs in the industry and its longstanding relationship with its consumers. Thus, CASEKOO is now offering a 15% discount to those who subscribe to the newsletter on its site, all the more reason to trust its many shells with the physical protection of your phone.

Your iPhone is arguably your most important personal device, so why leave it in the hands of unknown and unreliable designers when CASEKOO’s four long years of producing iPhone cases make it the perfect choice?

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