For state employees, mortgage credit can be requested with Good Finance, as long as it meets the conditions and requirements. To have the opportunity to access this service, you must work for state institutions. It can be: teacher, basic, eventual, trustworthy employees or bureaucrats.

The Housing Fund of the Institute of Social Security and Social Services of State Workers. It provides its services to the workers of the Mexican Federal government, whose destination is the following. Purchase of new or used housing, remodeling, building on own land, expansion or paying other mortgages.

Let’s see the credit modalities with Good Finance


Credit in pesos. A co-financing contract is made with another bank, without participating in the annual raffle. It only depends on the salary and other income that the worker may have. The fee is in pesos and fixed monthly, there is no penalty for advance payments.

Traditional credit. For active base, trustworthy or casual workers, who want to buy new or used housing. It offers life, damage and extension insurance for one year if you become unemployed.

It is the opportunity to buy housing

It is the opportunity to buy housing

by marriage, and can combine the money of Infonavit, with Good Finance. It has special benefits in the payment of its fees, in the rate, term and credit amounts.

Credit allies plus . To obtain a higher balance, obtained from the housing sub-account, loan from Good Finance and another bank. So you can buy a better home. Special benefits, up to the worker’s ability to pay.

You have to keep in mind that to access these credits you must be at least 18 months old as a federal government worker. There are other credits offered by Good Finance: credit to pensioners, backed and subsidized.

Workers who can apply for mortgage credit

Workers who can apply for mortgage credit

For all workers who are contracted with the Federal Public Administration, such as:

  • Coordinated regulatory bodies
  • Secretaries of the State
  • Legal Office of the Federal Executive
  • The Office of the Presidency of the Republic.
  • Decentralized Organs
  • National Credit Institutions and Auxiliary
  • State Participation Companies
  • National Insurance and Deposit Institutions
  • The Trusts

Thus, it can be observed that the benefits achieved are good if you are a State employee. In order to apply for a mortgage loan, all the conditions and requirements established by law must be met.

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