Camera 2.0? Rivera hints at Commanders QB solution

The NFL Scouting Combine ends Monday and for a week we’ve seen coaches talk to coaches and general managers talk to general managers, all speculating on this year’s draft pick haul.

For the COs in Washington, we know a lot of that focus was on the quarterback position. And if you’ve been paying attention since even before the Super Bowl, you know there are options for Washington.

Seattle’s Russell Wilson could be the favorite among Washington’s prospects, but that still seems pretty unlikely. Free agents Marcus Mariota (Raiders), Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) and Carson Wentz (Colts) have also all been linked to the commanders.

Russell Wilson

Commanders should also remain interested in adding struggling quarterback Deshaun Watson, according to Pro Football Network. ESPN is even considering Mitchell Trubisky in Washington to replace incumbent Taylor Heinicke.

The NFL Network covered Washington’s search for the quarterback in the draft, and Pitt’s Kenny Pickett and Liberty’s Malik Willis in particular.

“I’ve got my eye on Washington Commanders at No. 11 for where the first quarterback might come off the board. Washington has called all veteran options, but I’m told he’s also focused on rookies Commanders know they need a quarterback for 2022, but they’re obsessed with finding the long-term answer to that position Even if they sign a veteran in free agency, don’t don’t be surprised if they use their first round pick a quarterback as well.Top contenders are Malik Willis and Kenny Pickett.

Based on his comments from the combine, Washington coach Ron Rivera might have a favorite when he’s on the clock at No. 11. That would be Liberty’s Malik Willis, who appears to be emerging as the new quarterback. -consensus No. 1 guard of the class of 2022.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

In an interview with CBS Sports, Rivera praised Willis’ skills. He even compared him to former Carolina Panthers quarterback and league MVP Cam Newton.

“You know what’s interesting about [Willis] in particular, are there a lot of similar traits to those guys who have had success in our league,” Rivera said. “And I was lucky to have drafted one of them in Cam Newton, who is a very special player.”

Whether it’s through the draft, free agency or a trade, Rivera and the COs have options. And with the recent history of flaggers playing for Washington and his need for a long-term solution to the position, Rivera better get it right.

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