Caerus Mineral Resources PLC Returns High Grade Copper From Troulli Sampling

Caerus Mineral Resources PLC has discovered very high grade copper mineralization in the target area of ​​the flagship Troulli project in Cyprus, following a trenching and sampling program focused on residual metals in surface materials .

The project is also the subject of a future joint venture involving Jubilee Metals Group and Bezant Resources.

The samples were collected and visualized by XRF and are now ready to be shipped to the analytical laboratory.

Duplicate samples were pooled and sent to Jubilee Metals Group for testing;

Over 160 meters of trenches extending to a depth of over four meters and a width of 2.5 meters have revealed a potential copper resource that exceeds all expectations in terms of tonnage and grade.

The surface layer of run-of-the-mill ore is now known to extend up to three meters and includes ore that has remained at the current location since the end of historic operations about 50 years ago.

The surface zone contains visible copper oxide and sulphide minerals and is also expected to contain as yet unknown gold content.

This surface zone is immediately underlying a highly enriched zone varying in width between 30 centimeters and 50 centimeters and harboring visible copper mineralization and operating at significantly high copper grades, peaking at 17% copper but more generally between 6% and 8%.

“Each landfill potentially represents a deposit,” said Caerus CEO Martyn Churchouse.

“In terms of future mining, the notable difference between a landfill and a lens of volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization is the fact that we do not need to drill and blast the resource, nor to strip the overlying wastes. or enter the capital needed to access the mineralization via underground development.We just need to confirm the tonnage and quality.

Over 100 separate XRF analyzes were performed on the high grade copper leach area in the Troulli reserve.

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